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It doesn’t make any real difference whether you arrive at your views based on reasoning or not. This is true but only to some extent. The idea is that reasoning allows us to make intelligent choices. It makes our views educated and thus, always logical. And if we decide to follow a course of action, the ones based on reasoning would always win out in the end.

Not so, all the time.Sometimes we don’t do things as a result of the reasoning process but still succeed or accomplish what we set out to do. Sometimes it doesn’t or won’t matter how we came to hold a particular viewpoint because the end isn’t always what logic would tell us as the inevitable effect. It is not our personal views and how we came to hold those views that matter all the time. Sometimes we simply accept what other people think and tell us to believe and it is good enough.

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Sometimes, too, we simply listen to someone or something and then we accept the point for fact just because.When we follow intuition, for example, we are acting out of gut feel. When the act requires courage because reason and hours of plotting and planning dictate that something is impossible to achieve, we could listen to that inner voice and make that jump. The world has seen many great achievements because people didn’t let reason dictate them. They simply make the plunge.When we are subordinates in an organization, especially one which follows a stiff line of command, our actions will be dictated by our superiors.

We are not expected to arrive at our views on things independently. We are ordered to follow and accept. If ever we come to a differing conclusion, it will not matter in the end, because what we believe and like to do won’t be what will be enforced, anyway.Finally, faith is the act of believing without examining the logic behind one’s beliefs. In many instances, allowing skepticism to come in and thus set the individual into questioning his faith, only leads to losing one’s convictions and in turn, peace of mind. The irony is that the person who blindly clings onto his faith, who proceeds with fatalism and acceptance, is the one has peace of mind compared to the skeptic who constantly scoffs at acts or views made without empirical reasons behind them. 

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