Youth and Gangs

Some strategies which need to be used to stop youths from joining these gangs include mobilizing youths to participate in sports. Youths will thus be busy and will not have time to mix with existing gangs or even time to think about crime.

Youths can also be facilitated to form self-help groups that engage in constructive activities and which can generate them revenue. This initiative will make youths not entertain thoughts of committing crime in order to get money. Moreover, drug trafficking should be curbed in order to make sure that youths do not involve themselves in drug abuse which will lead them to commit crime. The government should also ensure that it provides employment opportunities to the youths so as to avoid idleness and also ensure that youths are generating their own incomes.

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It will thus not be attractive for youths to get involved in gangs. Parents should also guide their children and teach them about the dangers of involving themselves in gangs and also the effects of drug abuse. Youths will therefore reflect on such guidance and avoid these things. The national security department should also ensure that arms, which are used to commit crime, are not in the hands of the public (Hess, 2009).Conversely, gang’ growth can be prevented by first ensuring that youths do not join the existing gangs. Secondly, the existing gangs need to be transformed to join productive existing local groups.

Youths can also start new associations. Moreover, the government should intervene to fight the gangs regarding existing conflicts. Gang members who are arrested on account of violence should be prosecuted and punished (Howell, 2003). Youth loitering, idling, and inappropriate consumption of alcohol should be prohibited so that youths can be prevented from joining gangs.



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