Youth and Media

1. I was strongly influenced by the pictures of Winston Churchill with his cigar. He was so powerful and influential, that I associated my perceptions with his cigar. In this context the “benefit” of being successful and attractive was active.

When I recall my teen age, my own experiences with the use of alcohol and tobacco were frequently associated with four “benefits”, except “not harmful”. I personally fully acknowledged the harmfulness of alcohol and tobacco, and was still charmed by the three “benefits” (rite of passage, being successful, relaxing) and was calmed down by the “normality” of using alcohol and tobacco. They all contributed to the socialization with others, helped to integrate into out-of-class communities, and helped to feel self-confident, mature and an established decision-maker.2. The electronic media is more influential as it merges a wide range of techniques and strategies to promote the alcohol and tobacco brands. The most influential though are the non-direct promoters of tobacco and alcohol; favorite film heroes, celebrities who drink, smoke and even use drugs.

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Thus, the adaptation of the roles the celebrities play on the screen is the most attractive behavior the teens may exercise.3. Entertainment media seems to be the most influential format on teens, as their daily life is absorbed by entertainment initiatives. They spend a lot of time by watching TV, use internet, read entertainment magazines, etc, which are full of advertisement and images of alcohol and tobacco. (MediaSharp, p. 14)4.

The advertisement may be perceived in several ways, depending on the age of the audience.One of the intentions of “St. Pauli Girl” beer advertisement is to give birth to nostalgic feelings and to recall the best memories while drinking the beer. It intends to associate positive memories with the use of “St. Pauli Girl” beer.The girl in the picture looks like a high school student from Germany who invites to drink “St. Pauli Gilr” beer with her.

This underlying message clearly assures the audience that this beer can be one of the ways to win the heart of a young lady, who may be the first girl. The advertisement promises to be a source of positive memories.Simultaneously, the advertisement targets at other important factors that may attract users; drops of water on the bottle and on the background of the text, indicating that the beer is cold and may cool down at hot weather. Colors of blue and green are usually associated with freshness, and once again give an idea about the quality of the beer.ReferencesMediaSharp, Analyzing Tobacco and Alcohol Messages, Leaders Guide 

Author: Ruben Maxwell


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