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Last updated: April 1, 2019

At Zain we have developed a unique corporate culture that follows best of breed practices. Simply, a positive culture leads to corporate excellence, and corporate excellence is one of the main ingredients in a recipe for success that has seen Zain achieve a market-leading position in the Middle East and Africa. Our corporate culture has undoubtedly played a significant role in developing our brand’s strength and dynamism.

Our employees, our customer focus and our social responsibility are the most important assets we have in building, maintaining and developing Zain’s culture.We are bringing cutting edge technology and advanced services to every country in which we operate by deploying our true competitive advantage – our human resources – to the front line. At the forefront of any successful company has to be its own people – at the forefront of planning, implementation and management. If the right culture is in place and the staff buy into it, are inspired by it and see its benefits, then it will impact positively on the perception of our corporation and its standards on the part of our employees and customers alike.So there is much to be said for getting this aspect of the corporation right – and we are working hard on getting it right. Achieving Culture Change at Zain The Change project began in 2004.

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It was a result of our transition from a slow moving Government company to a fast moving, dynamic, private organization with its eye on the Global market place. Over the last five years we have gone from being a local company with 600,000 subscribers to a company with over 69. 5 million active customers all over the Middle East, and Africa.Our next step is to enter the Global Market and the only way we are going to do this is through our people.

A recent survey showed us our strengths and weakness as an organisation and in order to address the weaknesses identified, the following set of Corporate Values have been developed: • Visible, Positive Leadership who really use our slogan “we hear you” • Empowerment , “just do it” • Ownership, you are the company • Open Communication, up and down the organization “what do you think? • Management is at the service of members • Teamwork, we trust, respect and tolerate: everyone is important • Recognition comes through achievement and is rewarded fairly • Everyone is constantly doing things better, cheaper, faster • People challenge everything they do every day and ask: ” is it helping us achieve our Vision? ” • Work hard, play hard Our people play a critical role in our mission to better serve our customers and exceed our shareholder’s expectations.Together with our customer focus and our corporate social responsibility, we acknowledge our employees as our greatest asset. Zain is committed to attracting the best people in the industry, increasing their levels of job satisfaction and encouraging them to grow and develop. Our goal is to build a workplace culture that respects the vital role we play in society and utilises the talents that individuals bring to the organisation


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