Zoo Animal Tech

There are several reasons why I want to attend the Santa Fe College Zoo Animal Technology Program.

I would like to be a part of Santa Fe College’s Teaching Zoo and the Zoo Animal Technology Program because it is one of the premier programs in this area in the country and because it has a reputation of being one of the top preparatory programs for students looking to enter the career world of zoo animal technology and the various occupations that the field encompasses. I feel that the Santa Fe College Zoo Animal Technology Program would provide me with many opportunities to expand my knowledge and education level and make me an asset to the field of zoo animal technology.The education to be gained by attending the Zoo Animal Technology Program is invaluable to me in its ability to prepare me for a wide variety of potential occupations. I appreciate that the program includes a multitude of clinical and hands-on opportunities to help me gain knowledge and experience in the field and in working with animals. This diversity will be an asset to me by preparing me not only for employment as a zookeeper, but also giving me the opportunity to expand into other animal technology related fields in research or education.

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I feel that this diversity is an important part of the program because it will give me many options for employment, allowing me to find the right job that will benefit both me and the animals I work with.The education provided by the Zoo Animal Technology Program is vital in that it equips potential graduates like me with the tools necessary to help educate others and care for animals. By giving me a platform to do research, be an educator or work in conservation, I will be given many opportunities to better the world of animals in many ways. The activities included in the program such as animal chores and feeding and lab work will give me many opportunities to do work of various types that all benefit the animals I work with and increase my knowledge of the animal technology field.In addition to the benefit of hands-on experience, I believe that I will also benefit from the mentorship available to me through attending the Zoo Animal Technology Program. With the program’s diverse course schedule and variety of educational experiences I will be able to work closely with many researchers, educators and animal caretakers with experience and knowledge to share about the field of zoo animal technology that can benefit a potential graduate like me.

The mentorship available from this program’s educators is prestigious and I feel that it will benefit me and improve my passion for caring for animals.I am dedicated to my education and to furthering my career in zoo animal technology. I plan to work hard during this program and to take advantage of every opportunity given me to learn, do research, gain hands-on experience, and improve my skills in the field. I will use every learning experience given to me by the Zoo Animal Technology Program to further my education and to become the best I can be in the zoo animal technology career for which this program will prepare me.



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