The experience at LA Zoo was indeed a captivating and inspiring one. As I observed the different animals the place provided, I was not only mesmerized but also became in touch with nature and became one with their specific habitat. However, if it is one thing that I find most amusing, it was coming across one of the most sophisticated species in the animal kingdom – the primates.As I was treading the path for visitors, I came across the place called Campo Gorilla Reserve.

With my aroused curiosity, I went to look on how these creatures look like in person. When I saw them, I had a glimpse of how these animal moves and exhibit behavior. The first stop was to see a mother and baby play with each other. This was indeed a captivating experience as it somehow correlated with what we humans do. As it feed its young and showcased her black fur, it showed the aspects of both dominance and care.The next stop was to see the orangutan.

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It was in here that I first came face-to-face with these huge but gentle creatures. Their reddish orange fur denotes their uniqueness among primates and was indeed a fulfilling part. It was in here that I saw one doing its business in the trees and eating.

This chimpanzee was holding on to something and gazing at its visitors. As part of my group started taking pictures, I furthered observed its actions and saw how it was the same with the gorillas I saw before.The last part of this reserve that I took time seeing was the resting place of chimpanzees.

These are also another fascinating creatures but not as big or humongous as gorillas and orangutans. One thing that amazed me was their capability to showcase different expressions. One chimp was running around happy playing with its partner while the other one showcased anger. It was through this play that I came to realize how precious and distinctive these creatures are under the primate category.In the end, the trip to Campo Gorilla Reserve not only gave information and knowledge that the guide and the signs gave but also cultivated a learning experience on my part. It is in here that I came to discover and appreciate these creatures for the way they are.

It is not only about their physical aspects that make them special. Rather, it is their relative actions and significant symbols that showcase how each one can be related to how we humans behave and act.



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