Establish world’s oceans in the manufacture of household

Establish facilities that support the environment that conserves wasted energy and water. It is a good practice to preserve the environment and to take care of the facilities and make sure to make them more appropriate. Maintain energy by highlighting where the plant wastes energy and harms the environment. Such as the installation of energy-saving lighting products or automatic lighting that only operates when employees are present, as electric motors use 70% of the energy consumed.Also tight insulation of manufacturing buildings against air leakage can help reduce the use of heating or cooling. There is also the process of manufacturing it is imperative to use raw materials in production so the facilities can use the principle of green go through careful analysis of the process and study of waste for production. Also recycling the engine oil used in plant machinery and it is also important to use environmentally friendly materials in the process Manufacturing, this approach is clearly different from each product, there is a principle carried out by a company that manufacture vacuum cleaners ,Called Vacuum cleaners from the sea :The initiative to use plastic waste from the world’s oceans in the manufacture of household appliances made of recycled plastic The initiative intends to collect plastic from the world’s oceans and the manufacture of a number of vacuum cleaners.The aim is to draw attention to the issue of pollution at sea and to raise awareness of the scarcity of recycled plastics needed for the manufacture of sustainable household appliances.”We’re struggling to get enough recycled plastic to meet the demand for our sustainable vacuum cleaners,” says Cecilia Nord, vice president for environmental affairs and sustainability at Earth Care at Electrolux.The initiative is carried out in a limited number of vacuum cleaners made of plastic debris from the ocean and the sea and plastic harvesting techniques are beginning to dive{Says Electrolux CEO. “Our engineers have been able to get green-scale vacuum cleaners up to 70% of recycled plastics, but our final vision is of course 100%.    Going green is more than simply protecting the environment. The more industries maintain the environment, the more production becomes and the faster the employment growth. Countries that support the “going green” have generally been better off in the recent economic downturn. There are many ways to make companies more environmentally friendly.

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