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Last updated: May 10, 2019

Ethisphere institute, global leader in defining andadvancing the standards of ethical business practices that fuel corporatecharacter, marketplace trust, and business success. nominated Ford, four yearsin a row from 201xx -20xx, as the one of the world’s most ethical company.Despite a past trouble with Ethical issues, Ford, over the years developedseveral corporate social responsibility initiatives that has help redeem itsimage. Ford CSR programs focus on three core area – employees, communityinvolvement and sustainability.Ford understands that without its committed employees,the firm would cease to be a success.

As the Board chairman mentions in theforeword of the code of conduct, that employees are the most important resourcefor the company (Ford Motor Company, 2007). Ford motor company introduced severalemployee programs to motivate employees and increase their quality of life. Forexample, there is a sustainable workforce initiative based on strategic hiring,training, protection and safety and healthcare which ensures that only the bestindividuals are selected for jobs.

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The hired employees are also trained so thatthey receive the required skills before they start to officially work. Withrespect to employee safety, Ford Motor Company implemented a global safetyprogram that reduce the employee injury by 90% of what it used to be in 1999and it continues to virtual ergonomic assessment to mitigate the potential risksof repetitive motion its employees face.  Ford Company is also a supporter of employeediversity and education. And therefore, the company created a program to helpemployees to learn about and respect different religious beliefs so that themembers of staff keep to understand fellow employees and the consumers (“FordMotor Company Manager”, n.d.).Also, the company is conscious about gaining the trustand respect from the employees and the consumer.

The company believes that the consumersare a major priority, and hence they always work to keep them through severalways such as setting up several events to help uplift the local communities.The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies, or Ford PAS, a program designed to prepareyoung adults for higher education and career development by providing freetutoring to all participants through the help of teachers, employers and communityleaders.  In addition to this believesthat safe driving is essential for all, especially teenagers just learning howto drive. The company developed a section which offers driving skills trainingcourse to teach individuals important skills that keep them safe as they drive (Emily et al., 2014).Furthermore, Ford is conscious of its footprint on theenvironment. From revamping it processes to becoming greener to investing inresearch to develop vehicles with increased fuel efficiency, Ford is takinggiant strides towards sustainability.

To reduce the amount of waste water itgenerates, Ford has equipped six of its plants with dry machining capabilities.To reduce the weight of it cars which consequently increases fuel economy, Fordis using lighter aluminum in to construct their vehicles while researching intothe use of tropical kenaf plants to replace oil based materials in the interiorof Ford Escape. In conclusion, Ford was quick recognizing theimportance of corporate social responsibility after being faced with a numberof ethical issues in the past. Ford as consistently made effort to advance its mageby adopting the tipple bottom line to doing business.


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