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Ever since the civil war, Yemen has been facing tons of political instability and internal conflicts. The beginning of the conflict goes back to January 2011 when a mass movement was stationed with an aim to remove the ruling Saleh family as the citizens were dissatisfied with him. President Ali Abed Allah Saleh refused to resign; he instead insisted to hand over the state power to his son.

However, in 2012, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was inaugurated as president after uncontested elections. This influenced the start of a civil war between the two factions of the government with the country military divided between Saleh and Hadi.To the civil war, the United Kingdom has been actively supporting the Saudi Arabian military coalition.

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The United Kingdom has been providing aid to the Saudi Arabian coalition in the form of arms and ammunitions and logistical intelligence. The United Kingdom has not been providing aid to the coalition for the funds or the bilateral relations but believes that the Hadi faction is beneficial for Yemen. Britain believes that the Saleh faction along with the Houthis must cease to go against Hadi government. The Great Britain proposes some solutions to end this life threatening civil war and they are listed below;The Houthis along with the Saleh faction must surrender to the Hadi government.Active engagement of all stakeholders in the conflict.Withdraw of the Houthis with Iran completely backing out.Conduct a peaceful table talk without using any military force.

The authority to develop sanctions by the United Nations charter was to maintain peace and security. Sanctions have always been implemented as a measure of last resort to address large human right violations. Sanctions we’re first introduced in 1963 against Apartheid in South Africa. The use of sanctions in the Security Council increased greatly after the end of cold war as they were seen as a major way to solve conflicts in a peaceful manner. Among many of the sanctions, economic sanctions are the most popular and effective ones. Economic sanctions are the popular way for large governments to exert their disapproval over one another. The United States has been the wealthiest of the wealthiest country and it has sanctioned countries that sponsor terrorism or cause human right violations on their citizens.

At present, there are 6 countries sanctioned by the United States; Burma, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria. Similarly, there are countries like Libya, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Congo, Iraq, Belarus, Al-Qaida, Sudan, Liberia and Russia that have been sanctioned either by the UNSC or by the Australian autonomy.Even though, the United Kingdom has had a very less response towards the refugee crisis such as the Rohingya crisis compared to nations like Germany and the United States of America. Albeit the United Kingdom has reached a group of countries donating 0.7% of the GDP to aid as contribution in humanitarian aid. Britain has been providing aid to several countries such as Nepal, Syria, African countries.

The United Kingdom has been providing aid in the scope of food, transportation, shelter, health, etc. Britain is among one of the most humanitarian aid providers in the world.Solutions;Past sanction regimes must be revised or addressed by future sectored humanitarian exemptions.The pre-sanctioned countries must be kept on surveillance at a certain period of time.The sanctioned countries must be able to exercise certain facilities which are mandatory for the citizens of those countries such as capital and funds in a certain amount.



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