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Ever since the first hand-held phone was invented in 1973 by Motorola, it was designed only for talking to other people (“academic help”,2012). But now they do much more than that. This tool has put itself in the hands of almost every single teen, adult, and even children. It seems that in the race to get the newest model phone on the market, we have forgot that phones were initially intended as a convenience, now we are addicted to them and they are a necessity. However, it seems that there isn’t a single activity that people can do without using this technology in the modern world. Phone are nice to have, they make our lives easier, but we are using them for unnecessary things nowadays. People need their phones to calculate calories while jogging, you can’t live without the latest technology uploaded to your iPhone, and you got used to taking pictures everywhere you go with your many megapixel phone camera. How much do we use phones for just talking to people these days? I am not talking about the latest apps you download to upgrade your favorite time spender, but for using your mobile phone for the purpose that it was originally intended for, mobile conversations, assuming you can’t talk to the person on the other end in person.One of the recent studies held by the Swiss Institute of Public Health has revealed the appearance of a new type of disease called Nomophobia “No mobile phobia” (“academic help”,2012) . Some signs of nomophobia include a pathological fear of finding himself  without a working cell phone with them, this can cause sleeping disorders for some people (“academic help”,2012). People that have been affected by this often experience anxiety along with waking up in the middle of the night because they thought they heard there phone ring. The fear of losing your cell phone or forgetting it somewhere causes some people to return to where they last were if they cannot find the phone in their bag, no matter how late they will be for important things (“academic help”,2012). People constantly check their phone and even taking it out of their bag even if it’s not ringing. There are thousands of people already diagnosed with the disorder and millions more who are also suffering from it that haven’t been diagnosed (“academic help”,2012). Scientists are estimating that about two thirds of the world’s population are prone to this psychological disorder (“academic help”,2012). As a result of this, people are making their lives more and more dependent on a mobile device, without realizing that it is a device that had been originally created to make our lives simpler and not more complicated. As neurologists are saying cell phone addiction is forcing people to become dependent on their pricey gadget and this distracts the victims of cell phones from living their life in normal working order (“academic help”,2012). Instead of going out and meeting people we want to talk to, we will send texts or use things like facetime and social network applications on our phones to communicate with others. We are basically building our lives around this technology. If one day all phones should instantly go off, there would be panic and chaos all over the world, except for remote places where this technology has not yet gained its popularity. Nevertheless, while there are fewer and fewer places in the world like this, people are getting more and more dependent on their cell phones.What should we do about this problem now? I think we need to reduce the time we spend with our phones by half. Every time we think about downloading a new app on our phones, we should ask ourselves whether it is necessary or if you could easily go on without it. When you catch yourself thinking you want the latest model iPhone, ask yourself what you need it for? If you don’t have the answer, it means you probably don’t really need it. Respect yourselves and value your time. When you think of how many hours per day you spend with your phones, and what you could have done instead in the real world, these time wasters will seem like a waste. But, they are just a device, a convenience that we need to control our use with, in order not to let this technology control us, our schedules, our entire lives.

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