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Every generation of people grow and learn new things. Some things are good things and some are bad. My generation picks up habits from my parents’ generation such as the lifestyle. What they are learning from day to day and how they are using it to their best ability. The rights that they believe in . How are they living, is their lifestyle good or are they living a bad lifestyle.

Firstly my generation lifestyle isn’t exactly the best. It isn’t a perfect way to live your life but, I feel like some of them are letting their life go in the wrong direction. They are not using the resources they have around them to make their life better. All my generation worried about is money and a fast way to get it. They are not focused on getting an education and making money the legal way. My generation Mido is getting money however you can to provide but there are better safer ways to do it. They don’t understand that the way they are trying to make money isn’t doing anything but putting them in jail and killing them. I also feel like my generation doesn’t have a big support system most of them are going through a lot by themselves so they are looking for an easy way to make it. They are turning to the wrong people for help. However, I think that my parents’ generation is the main ones who are persuading most of my generation down the wrong path because my generation looks up to my parents’ generation. My parents’ generation was very strict when it came to certain things such as school. Their parents didn’t play when it came to school. It was either they went to school got an education and did what they had to do the right way or they had to leave. They also had more of a positive support system if you were in a community and had a child that child was the whole community child and they taught them right from wrong. Nowadays you cant tell my generation anything because most have no respect for there elders.

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Secondly, my generation picks up a lot of bad habits. They see what the older generation does and try to do it. My generation is just taking what the older generation used to do and twist it and make it into something way worse. Such as just going out to parties and having fun. My generation doesn’t know how to go out and have fun without fighting and way worse than fighting they start killing. My generation doesn’t know how to handle situations as an adult they have to look to weapons to help them solve their issues. While my parent’s generation solved their issue by talking it out or having the parents get involved. When my generation parents get involved they try to fight it out and everything goes down from there. It’s like now my generation is becoming parents so early that they are growing up so fast and forgetting how to just be kids they have to pick up big responsibilities. In my parent’s generation, they weren’t becoming parents use early as mine. They had there set in other places because everything was so strict whereas though my generation gets away with a lot more things because most parents aren’t looked carefully after whats going on in there child’s life.

finally, the young generation beliefs and the way they express themselves is way different from the older generation. For example gay community. In my parent’s generation, a lot of people wasn’t really coming out about being gay because most of them were judged for it or even looked at different. People didn’t really know how to take it when people where being judged for being gay because it just wasn’t something that was around no one talked about out. The ones that were gay or liked the same sex kept it to themselves. However, in my generation, a lot of people are coming out and telling people they are gay or like the same sex. They now have support groups and even parties strictly for just gay people. I think that it is good and bad that comes with the idea of coming out. Coming out in my generation you have some people who support you all the way. Then you have some people who are discriminate for what they like. It has gotten so bad that they are not killing people for coming out being gay. In my generation, there are some people who aren’t even allowed to go to there church home. If they come out that they are gay because it is a sin and then there are some pastors that are gay and are making there husband the first man of the church. Coming out in my parent’s generation about being gay people were committing suicide because they didn’t know how to handle being gay and they didn’t have anyone to talk to about being gay. A lot of people now respect and encourage people to come out because it’s a lot of them that are sticking together helping one another out.

In conclusion, my generation has taken my parent’s generation a twist it into something new. Everything has changed some for the better and some for the worst. Every generation will take the past generation and change it because they grow up watching and learning everything their parents do. Nevertheless, each parent wants to see their child do good and succeed at something in life they want to see their child accomplish something. My parent’s generation has worked hard to give their child the best life they could give. Some of my generations realized how hard their parents have worked and some of them didn’t.

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