Everyone hooks for me hang up my belts.

                                                                Everyonehas his or her own dream careers or dream outfit. I have my dream room.

A roomwhere I have everything I need. A place where I can work on homework.                        My dream room would be located on the secondfloor of the house. In fact, it would be the only room on the second floorother than a good-sized bathroom right next to it.

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The door to my room would bemade of solid dark wood, with a modern fashion door knob and modern fashionkey. On the door I would have a peephole; allowing me to see who wants inside.                        Inside my room, I would have, on the wallfacing the street in front of my house, be a giant glass window, made out ofmirror glass. That way I could hang out by my window, soaking up sun, withoutpeople spying on me. I would sit or stand in front of that giant window, justwatching the cars and people go by my house. I might even stand in front of thewindow, acting like that big company owner looking over her employees.                         When it rains, I could watch the rain. Duringwinter, I could watch the snow fall down on the glass; enjoying the scenerywithout having to be out in the cold.

                        Inside my lovely room’s there would be mycloset. A good-sized closet. I would have my closet divide in three sections.The first section would be a bunch of hangers for me to hang all of my jackets on. The second section would be alldrawers, filled with shirts. The third section would be divide into twosub-sections. The first sub-section would be a place for me to store my shoes.

The second’s sub-section would be coat hooks for me hang up my belts. The doorto my closet would match the door to my room.                        The last room I would have branching off myroom would be a office. It would have a door that is the exact same as myclosets door. Inside the office, I would have a large wood desk and a leatherchair with arm rests. I could also act like that big boss. In the office, Iwould keep all my books and paper on the bookshelves and in filing cabinets.

                        I also want a grand 3D flat screen in themiddle of my room with surround sound. Below the TV, I would have a DVD player,DVR player. Large soft sofas would surround the TV, giving people places tosit. That way I will have enough space that I can enjoy my favorite movies,games, and internet videos and I also want two 7th generation laptopin my room , one for gaming and one for my work. My room would be my bunk bed,a table to sit at and a love seat. I could relax, enjoying the peacefulsoundings of a quit room.                        My dream would be the most amazing room.

Aroom full of everything I could need and want. The perfect place for me to getwhat needs to be done, yet still have fun. A room designed by me for me.




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