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Everyone in the world have their own language, their own way of living in the family and their own way of celebrating festivals. Culture consists of the beliefs, behaviours and other characteristics which is common to the members of a particular group or society. Culture are shared patterns of the way people conduct themselves in a society regarding religion, food, what we wear, the way we wear it, music, what we believe is right or wrong and so on. Culture influences how we live our lives and gives us a feeling of belonging in the society wheter it is our culture by birth or the culture of the new country in which we reside..

Djupkultur: Deep culture are cultures that exists below the surface. It is more about the ideas, traditions, values and beliefs that is firmly embedded within a society which one experiences in regard to a certain country. They are attitudes and feelings that we adopt while existing as a part of any specific culture and ideas we experience. They are cultures that lives deep within and cherished in a society and very hard to change. For example in my country Nigeria one of the most important deep culture is to eat every last piece of food on your plate when you visit a home in order that you do not offend the cook. The moment you do not do that you are seen as being disrespectful and proud. The belief that in order to show you enjoyed your meal and it was very tasteful. They are just a show of attitude that you like the home you visited and you accept them as your family.

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Ytkultur: They are cultures that refers to the standards that are associated with a specific culture. They are an accepted standard or a way of behaving or doing things that most people agree with in the society. They are things we can see that are attributed to a certain society or groups. Surface culture includes things like music, art, food, clothing. For example the man from Scotland will dress up with a skirt and will be proud of it while others not from Scotland will quickly understand he is from Scotland because they are known for that.

Delkultur: This occurs when ideas, values and action patterns belongs to a particular cultural group within a larger society unit. A smaller group within a bigger group of people with their own values, lifestyle and beliefs which is very different from the society they find themselves in. Example; young people who may adopt a different life style that is different from the normal norm in the society, Even religious gathering who may dress up in a way that is seperating their style from the society as a whole.

Subkultur: It is a concept which includes some cultural group of people inside a bigger group who have an alternative lifestyle and differentiates themselves with their beliefs and interest are rejected by the larger society and are used in a negative sense. Example are the motorcycle gangs.

Nationalkaraktär: It refers to the personality characteristics and patterns of a typical form among the adult members of a society. The belief is that most individuals have the same attitude, beliefs, views and opinions which he shares with other members of his nation. most people having the same mentality in the community or nation but it should be analysed and compared to other ethnic groups or nation in order to have a good description. Example in Sweden it is know that majority of the adults are shy, independent and always avoid conflicts.

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