evidence but also carrying beautiful meaningful messages

evidence of the majestic art of Graffiti lies around us wherever we go , on our walls, buildings and art galleries, , displaying not only stunning pieces of art by famous artists but also carrying beautiful meaningful messages , to name a few Bansky one of the greatest Graffiti artists, his most influential piece ” the Balloon girl” his image of a little girl losing her balloon, along with a text that clearly says: “there is Always hope” convey a powerful message that the loss cannot eliminate hope, a positive reminder to never give up and look for what tomorrow has for us . He chose a young girl as a symbol of the future, the balloon represents importance in her life and when she loses this piece, that doesn’t mean that its over, there are so many more years to come.
Another masterpiece by Bansky is ” the flower thrower” picturing a protestor throwing a flower bouquet, a brilliant piece of art, the significance behind it is showing a furious facial expression and posture protestor, however, he uses a flower bouquet, not a weapon, meaning that protestors don’t always mean harm or bad , they have the good intention to bring beauty, by saying it with flowers. I believe this is one of the most powerful messages that has vast meaning lying behind it, people throw a flower on others during weddings, happy events, no malice intended.
Given these communicated messages in drawings , Graffiti can be both art and a way of communication that inspire millions

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