Examples in today’s markets can change overnight

Examples of internal changes within a company such as..
Hierarchy shifts:
A new manager can bring about upset to their subordinates as humans are creatures of habit.
New product developments:
A fresh product may require heavy marketing.
Ownership changes:
Such as those where a company in the same industry buys out another which handles itself differently, a merge in management styles could happen.
New employee hires or employees underperforming:
A simple new employee can require change as well as employees are doing more harm than anything else, not meeting sales targets for example.
Examples of external changes within an organization can be..
A fact that is becoming more prevalent and global than ever before.
Discerning customers:
Trends in today’s markets can change overnight and technology has brought market trends and phases more widely known due to the popularity of social media.
Demographic movements:
Especially in the E.U. the age range is vast as well as the influx of many different cultures.
Technological change:
Technology moves and transforms in today’s society exponentially compared to anytime previous and cannot be ignored for fear of falling behind competition.

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