Exclusive at the oldest Todtnau, the Baden-Baden spa

Exclusive German’s Top Tourist Attractions in the Europe’s Heart

German’s varieties of travel attractions are impressive. It’s the host of huge lakes, castles and cathedrals along with more than 41 UNESCO heritage sites. The heart of the Europe makes all travelers satisfied with their expectations of many fantastic travel destinations. The land of rich natural beauties, culture and history describe the significance of getting the vacation in Germany.

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German’s Top Tourist Attractions

The historic cities with small town and abundance of mountains and forests have a large selection for visitors. Those like sightseeing or gathering knowledge of the arts must head to its metropolitan areas such as the Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps or the Mosel Valley. There are so many villages in these small towns with the traditional continue of centuries-old.


Let’s get a glimpse of German’s top tourist destinations right now:

The Black Forest

One of the top tourist attractions with beautiful dark, densely hills in the Black Forest. It’s located in Germany’s southwestern corner from 160 km from North Waldshut’s Pforzheim. This hiker’s heaven is descended steeply to the South’s High Rhine crossed with lush valleys and the East is gently sloppy down. This popular spot offers skiing at the oldest Todtnau, the Baden-Baden spa facilities as well as the attractive Bad Liebenzell’s resorts. Moreover, travelers enjoy its amazing Black Forest Railway with famous falls and the Open Air Museum.


Berlin’s Museum Island

Berlin’s Museum Island is world-famous lies in between the River Spree Kupfergraben and a 400-meter long river canal. Here are the most significant and oldest museums of Berlin constructed in 1830 displaying the royal treasures. But, later on the land sets for art and the knowledge of antiquity. It gets the status as the National Gallery in 1876. The other attractions of the island are walking tour of the museums with historic buildings. But, there are many things to see that can require a whole day.


The Berlin Wall

This might not be a picture perfect place, but the Berlin Wall is one of the top attractions for all visitors while they’re traveling to Berlin. The wall was built in 1961 that was the most visible manifestation after WWII. The wall is torn down in 1990 by its huge length of 155 km. But, there are still some graffiti-covered sections that are reminding of 70 and more people’s death while trying to escape from The East Germany. Its historic fascination attracts the travelers to visit the torn-down wall.


 King’s Lake (Königssee)

This is another great beautiful spot of Berchtesgadener Land is renowned as the King’s Lake. The place is the walkers’ paradise near Salzburg. The famous route of the attractive footpath beside the Painter’s Corner, or the Konigssee. The visitors get charmed with the views of the mountains and the lake. At the south end of the lake offers a boat trip of the ancient Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomev. There is Berchtesgaden at the Deutsche Alpenstrasse’s end, that’s well-known as the Bavarian Alps’ mountain resorts.


These are some of German’s top tourist attractions across the country. All of them might not familiar to you, but they offer great pleasure and amuse of mind. Some other attractive travelers’ places, including LAKE CONSTANCE, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE, Cologne Cathedral, MINIATUR WUNDERLAND HAMBURG etc.


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Amazingly attractive tourist destinations in Germany, including The Black Forest, Berlin’s Museum Island, The Berlin Wall and  King’s Lake (Königssee).


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