Ezdan and others. The Qatari real estate market

Ezdan holdings’ main focus is real estate. The industrial competition in real estate business is high with major market players being Barwa Real Estate Company, United Development Company, Mazaya Qatar, First Qatar and others. The Qatari real estate market also consists of online portals providing as real estate solutions. The online real estate market is quite competitive as it has seen a steady growth due to rising internet usage, growth in demand, rise in personal disposable income, increasing middle class population and opportunities provided by the government for investment in infrastructure.
Bargaining power of buyers
In the real estate business, bargaining power of the buyers is present as the product is expensive and not everyone is required to buy or invest in it. When the industry is booming i.e. before the crisis, the demands were high with lots of customer, the bargaining power of customers is relatively low as the buyers had hardly any impact on the prices. During periods of economic contraction, when the customers are less, they have more bargaining power and control over the market.
Bargaining power of suppliers
After the blockade, the availability and transportation of raw materials from Qatar’s neighboring countries were blocked. This caused difficulty in the construction and infrastructure sector leading to delay in completion of projects. As a result, the real estate market was in a slow pace and suppliers had power to rule the market. On the contrary, when there is an oversupply of input and raw materials, the suppliers have less power as there are many alternatives.

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