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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Fake news is a commonly brought up topic these past few years. It’s made up of false information that is spread throughout the broadcasting of television shows, newspapers/print, and online social media. Fake news has created a major impact on society in both negative and positive ways.

Fake news is often used in satirical television shows like Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Daily Show, and more. These shows are causing the viewers to have confusion from determining whether the news they are hearing is fake news or real news. In addition, people are sharing this fake news with the intent to make money or gain popularity.     As stated before, there are many ways fake news is being brought to viewers. One way fake news is being shared is through the television programs that are using fake news to create a comedy show. However, the broadcasters are not using this information to harm another, it’s just for the humor aspect.

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Sources say that “intentionally misleading and deceptive fake news is different from obvious satire or parody, which is intended to humor rather than mislead its audience” (“Fake news”). The misleading fake news is different from satire because you’re intentionally trying to mislead people. These shows are just for the humor aspect rather than misleading the people reading it. Another way people are sharing fake news is through the use of magazine and newspaper companies like In Touch, People, Ok!, and more. These companies are all sharing exaggerated fake titles that are drawing more attention to get more publicity. This is causing people to believe the fake news just because a famous magazine or newspaper company printed it on their covers. Then, people are spreading this false information and are causing even more problems than needed.

Lastly, social media. Social media has grown tremendously over the past years and people are able to do a lot more than they couldn’t do before. For example, there are a lot of new apps that make fake news being spread around a lot easier. Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, mentions that “the rise of social media begat the rise of “fake news”‘(Ciaccia). Evan is stating that social media is one of the many things that made fake news become such a popular topic, it provided a place for fake news to be brought about. Without social media, there would be less fake news being spread around. Another study showed that on social media, the website “Facebook” was experimenting with a new way of sorting out the contents of their News Feed. In result, it was said to be promoting fake news.

This is causing people to be aware of the fake news but is actually helping it be shared more. There was “one false story that spread on Facebook in Slovakia because of these changes (and it) was about a Muslim man who supposedly thanked someone for returning his lost wallet by warning them about a planned terrorist attack. The story was so widely shared that local police had to issue a statement rejecting it” (Ong). Social media was causing these fake news stories to be spread around so quickly that it even got the authorities involved because of the problems it was causing within the community. Not only is social media making it a lot easier for fake news to be spread around, but it actually is helping it be spread around at a faster pace.

These new applications are making it a lot faster to post, share, and like an advertisement or website. Overall, because of these sources of information people are unknowingly sharing information that they find out. They’re causing people to believe the fake news and spreading it out as “real news” which is resulting in causing more confusion and problems.

    In addition, the fake news that is being aired on these television shows, shown on websites or magazines/newspapers are not only being used in many different places but is affecting others and causing many to be confused. Not to mention, the social media aspect is playing a major role in the cause of confusion. Social media has dramatically increased in the past couple of years. All of the new apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and/or Facebook and other websites that give updates on the world, are making it a lot easier for people to be spreading around this fake news. When people see the fake news on the internet and shows they tend to believe it more because it’s being posted around.

The internet is helping the fake news being posted become more popular and because of that, it’s being spread around more and more. In the end, this is causing even more confusion. Social media is making it harder for people to differentiate between real and fake news. Not only is it making it hard for people to differentiate but it’s making it more difficult for a journalist to find the real information needed to be published. As a matter of fact, people are aware of the fake news and “even as Americans recognize that fake news causes confusion about current issues and events, they continue to circulate it” (Ordway). This is encouraging people to continue to spread false information and causing more confusion towards viewers. However, there are some people who are intentionally posting the fake news, and some who are mistakenly posting the information.

The study by the Pew Research Center suggests that “23 percent of U.S. adults have shared fake news, knowingly or unknowingly, with friends and others” (Ordway). This means that viewers are spreading around the news without even checking to see if the information is correct. The false news is being circulated around and people are finding it and are becoming unsure of the basic facts of current issues. Not only is fake news causing confusion towards people, but the people making this information up are actually benefiting from it.     Therefore, the fake news that is being published is being used to gain popularity and/or for money purposes.

The publishers that are posting the fake news can actually use it as a way to gain popularity. Studies show that “each click of an ad on their site made money for the website’s creator. Ads like this help fund much of the internet. Publishers that run the ads get pennies per click” (“How Do Fake”), the viewers are clicking on the links to find more information about the topic and by having people click on the links it’s giving the website companies more money and viewers. The internet is putting up these ads about the article on the side and making the titles exaggerated to create a more eager read on what they’re talking about. If the story becomes a hit the publisher can end up making a lot more money than expected.

In result, the people who are making these fake ads are getting money every time you click on the website and are gaining popularity. Sources are saying that “if publishing a story with false content will produce a big caption and attract viewers, it may be worthy producing in order to benefit advertisers and ratings” (“Fake news”). For instance, the people would rather produce fake news in order to benefit advertisers and ratings. Writers are being forced into publishing fake news because it will help increase their website companies ratings.

These fake stories are making the headlines even though none of it is true. That isn’t stopping the public from wanting to repost and share the information being published.     Overall, fake news has a major impact on society and has been used in many ways. Some of the many ways were through the television shows like Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

It was also brought about by social media (apps/websites), and the print out of magazines and newspapers. These sources are then leaving the public confused on what is real and what is fake. In addition, the fake news is being used to gain popularity or for money purposes even if it’s intended or not. 


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