Nonverbal vs Verbal

The world we know is based on communication. People work, play and share ideas through communication. Each person must be able to make his thoughts and wants known to others and be able to understand the thoughts and wants of others. There are different mediums in which people can let others know what they think or want, this […]

The including carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids; and detoxification

Theliver carries many important physiological functions which include: processingof absorbed substances; synthesis and secretion of bile acids; bilirubinproduction and excretion; participation in metabolism of key nutrients,including carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids; and detoxification and excretionof waste products. LIVER METABOLICFUNCTIONS Theliver participates in carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids metabolism. Duringcarbohydrate metabolism, the liver performs gluconeogenesis, stores glucose asglycogen, and releases stored glucose […]

Animal Testing – Should Animal Experimentation Be Permitted?

Should animal experimentation be permitted? Animal testing is used to ensure that products are safe for consumers. Unfortunately, many animals are seriously harmed in the process. Here’s why we should save them. While many say that animal testing allows medicines to be created that later go on and aid human life, there is many more examples where medicines […]

Parents of circumcision outweigh the risks. A large

Parents often want to know if the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks.  A large Australian study published last year looked into just this and found conclusive evidence in favour of circumcision for baby boys.The study was carried out by doctors from the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales.  Researchers carefully analysed the results of over 140 […]

Pragmatism is the doctrine that practical consequences are

Pragmatism is the doctrine that practical consequencesare the criteria of knowledge, meaning, and value. This method is discoveringwhat our idea means, and we learn that by studying their consequences in actualexperiences. William James, a pragmaticphilosopher said that “If an idea or judgment makes a positive, practicaldifference in people’s lives than it is true. The opposite is thecontrary.” (Paquette, […]

Luisa was really hurting. Haha too adorable! “Tch.

Luisa Angelika Lim11- Ven. Anthony Kowalczyk LIT CHAPTER 3 Ahhh what a beautiful morningit is! This is indeed one of my best and peaceful sleep I ever had. One of thebest thing to do in the morning is to do stretching. Ahh I love it! I look tomy left and saw Alex. Hayyy my babe is still sleeping, how can […]

Do It

Bob Smith ENG 41. 11 You Have To Love Something to Say Something As an animal lover it makes me sick to my stomach to hear thousands of stories happening every year about cases of animal abuse and animal cruelty. I’m not Just talking about typical cat and dog cruelty cases, there are also animal abuse and mistreatment […]

Describe and evaluate the learning theory for attachments (12)

Describe and evaluate the learning theory for attachments. The learning theory suggests that we are born with a blank slate which means everyone starts off exactly the same, and then we learn all of our behaviours once we are born. The learning theory is split into two areas, Operant and Classical conditioning. Operant conditioning is one part of […]

Why Is It Accurate To Think Of Each Human Being As The Owner Of A Library Of Ancient Information

Throughout the study of the development of mankind scientists, historians and archeologists have come across various proofs and evidences of the capability of man to record the events happening around him. The best evidence of this capability are the hieroglyphics found in the ancient Egyptian tombs that tell the historical story of their pharaoh’s lives as well as […]


Medical Sonography is an imaging technique that is growing quickly in use where the medical field is concerned. Sonography uses very high frequency sound waves in producing images of the internal body.Diagnostic sonography scanners function in the frequency range of 2 to 15 megahertz and sonography medical officials view these high quality images, which are taught to emerging […]


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