Values and Principles of the Early Years Sector

Values and principles of early years sector. 1)The five basic tenets of good practice are; Equality and Diversity Rights and responsibilities Confidentiality Promote anti discrimination Effective communication The three principles are; The welfare of the child is paramount Practitioners contribute to children’s care learning and development and safeguarding is reflected in every aspect if practice Practitioners work in […]

Elt and Its Applicability in Bangladesh

Innatism, originated from Latin words ‘in’ and ‘natus’; a theory of philosophy in which ideas, or principles, are considered to be present in the mind at birth, either fully formed or requiring some additional experience for their complete formulation. It is a philosophical doctrine that holds that the mind is born with ideas or knowledge, and that therefore […]

Macbeth and the Oedipus Cycle Comparison

Many people believe that a person’s life is predetermined. These people believe that what a person will do, the kind of person they’ll be, and who their friends will is all determined when they are born into this world. That is the basic idea behind fate and destiny. However, there is a difference between the two. Destiny allows […]

Small Family

Parents always want to make the best decisions for their children. The most essential decision they have to make is the size of their family. In a small family, parents can give more resources to their children. Their children can receive better education, or have more opportunities to develop some costly interests, such as piano. I believe children […]

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