Fashion keep an eye on the production of

 Fashion is known as the universal language of every soul.

As a fashion designer there are many roles you must carry out such as studying/ researching current fashion trends and predicting future trends. As a designer you must create designs that will appeal to your consumers. Once the designer has an idea they sketch out multiple designs by hand or on the computer. Then they must decide a theme for the collection, select fabrics, gems, embellishments, colors, styles, and etc.   Fashion designers also work with different designers to create a prototype design.  After they complete their design the designer often must present their idea to a creative director or showcase them in a fashion show. This helps market their designs to retailer or consumers.  Lastly they must keep an eye on the production of their designs.

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The average salary range of a fashion designer in Canada is about $45,826 per year or $19.27 per hour or $50.00 per day. In order to become a fashion designer you must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of fashion design.

However, some fashion designers incorporate their fashion design degree with a business, marketing, or fashion merchandising degree often because they want to open their own business or retail store. You should have a degree in art and design, clothing technology, fashion, fashion marketing and buying, graphic design, knitwear, textiles or just an overall bachelor’s degree in fashion designs. According to https://www.prospects. without these degrees you won’t be able to prove that you already gained expertise and experience in the industry. That being said, a fashion designer must have a degree in one of the above or they can’t really prove the kind of experience they have.

Fashion designer often must have skills like creativity, excellent communication, problem solving skills. drawing skills, and expertise in cutting and sewing. They must also have knowledge about textile, fashion trends, fabrics, etc. Overall, fashion designing is based on creating various designs  

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