Few Sarees were totally missing. How come,

 Few days back I was trying to bring some order into my overloaded wardrobe, I realized something odd. I noticed that among all the jeans, skirts and dresses (and believe me, it’s quite a large number I’m talking about) Sarees were totally missing. How come, I asked myself? As  there was a time when I use to wear […]

There to “50%” more deaths than any

There has been drastic changes within surgery through the different scientific developments from 1845 to 1918. Surgery in the early 19th century mostly consisted of amputations ( the cutting of the limb from the body). At this time there was no real anaesthetics discovered and most patients were conscious during an operation exposing them to the pain that […]

Spray Organic spray tan isn’t only an

Spray tanning -bhumi khokhani Spray tanning is a type of self tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is showered onto your body. This fog uses the ingredient in it which is called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that interfaces with your own skin’s texture to turn it tan, or bronze. Tips for spray tanning. The outcomes you can get […]

Immanuel So, in Kant’s moral theory it is

Immanuel Kant argued that the most important part of morality is a standard of rationality. With this being said he created something called the categorical imperative. The categorical imperative has three major formulations. Of relevance to this essay is the second formulation: “Act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person, or in the person person go […]

Kingdom medicinal importance but there is lack of

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is characterized with a wide variety of flora, consisting of different species of herbs, shrubs and trees. It contains different types of edible and medicinal plants. Asir province is full of natural and ancient herbal resources that inspire ones senses with beauty and fragrance. Here potential medicinal and aromatic plants present a genetic […]

China: would soon be deemed as one of

China: A Country Built On Dynasties               The beauty, the wonder and the sites to see and you wonder “how did this ever come to be?” A place once built where dynasties once ruled over China. People, who formed China?s identity as a country. The Han Dynasty, one of the many dynasties that helped to advance China?s […]

The to follow the path of unrealistic

The standard of beauty in India has immensely placed importance to feminine beauty ideals.These ideas are developed by teenagers and young women, who are heavily impacted by the mass media. Women have been constantly bombarded by the media to reach the standard of beauty that is an epitome of prepossessing. From the past to the present, physical attractiveness […]

Christopher and social issues, was indeed, social

      Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus which is The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus originally, is a daring work of literature written in Elizabethan age with its roots of German folkloric tale. The play is well known because of its magical, anti-Catholic and rebellious elements. It was a huge success for Marlowe because […]

The of humanityDeath during his narration gives insight

The nature of the human race is intriguing in such a manner that it flexures between the divine realms of sweet and bitter. Perhaps it is this contradicting factor of humanity that contributed in inspiring Markus Zusak to write The Book Thief. These contravening dualities of humanity, are demonstrated most ironically through the narrator Death, who is inhuman. […]

“Frailty, her family. For example, Polonius and Laertes

“Frailty, thy name is woman!”(1.2.150). Many men believe that women are fragile, but men are oblivious towards the fact that they are the ones that try to control every single factor in a woman’s life. This quote in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, expresses the common viewpoint from men that women cannot fend for themselves. Women are subject to […]

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