Chuck Close

Chuck Close’s Self-Portrait* (1967-1968) In this paper I will explore critically on Chuck Close’s Self-Portrait* (1967-1968). I will begin by describing and display the significance of this piece. I chose Chuck Close’s Self-Portrait* (1967-1968), as my thesis image, this work is an example of the excellent superealism and photorealism that Chuck Close is capable of and known for. In the first […]

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure Beauty has always been a key to unlock many doors, it plays an important role on human relationships. However, the definition of beauty varies from person to person. In this essay, the definition of beauty, the relativity of the understanding of beauty, and the question of wheter beauty is only skin […]

Kinesics and Body Postures

Kinesics between Males and Females In communication, it is important to consider not only the verbal context of the interaction between two people or among a group. It is very important that non-verbal forms of communication be taken into account when talking to someone since these non-verbal cues may become barriers to effective communication. Potential physical barriers to […]

Shakespeare: Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds

It can be said that love, in all aspects, has a broad yet distinct ability to conquer the lives of those who are fortunate enough to encounter such fulfillment. There are individuals who will spend an entire lifetime searching for the correct and adequate meaning to a single-syllable word with nothing more than four simplistic letters to comprise […]

China vs. Greece

Every civilization has qualities that make them different from other countries. Whether the religion is different or the laws contain different morals, every country has its differences and similarities. Han China and Greece are two highly successful early civilizations. Both countries have different, but good, opinions and ways of thinking. Han China and Athens had a great deal […]

The Character of Antonia Shimerda in My Antonia

Antonia Shimerda spends her whole life fighting, yet she is not known to be belligerent. She is constantly being battered, but still has no visible scars. Antonia is a girl who suffers all through her life, and somehow manages to keep an optimistic outlook. She is one of those rare people who gain character, rather than resentment, by […]

Inidividual Oral Presentation

Presentation Topic: Symbolism in the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Julius Caesar. ” Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colours used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. Symbolism, in literature is used to provide meaning to the writing beyond what is actually described. Symbolism is used to enhance the story. It takes the story to a different […]

When You Are Old

William Butler Yeats “When You Are Old” is a tribute to deeper love, an obvious interpretation of a poem that contains the word “love” five times in twelve lines. However, it is specifically the speaker’s personal analysis of what he imagines “love” to entail. It represents an elderly woman reminiscing of her younger days. A past lover whispers […]

The not for entertainment, Facebook, whatsApp and instagram

The smartphone that is between your hand is not for entertainment, Facebook, whatsApp and instagram only It contains a large treasure named play store Here is a list of apps that are unique to different domains 1. Cognito An amazing program of brain exercises daily and activates brain cells in a stimulating and fun.2. Duolingo & Memrise To learn […]

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