Fast Food Experience

Vladia Vician 3rd period I went to McDonalds that is located off of Royalton Road. Walking into the restaurant, I grabbed the smooth metal handle on the door. I walked in and I could hear chairs moving, people talking. The Air conditioning was blowing along with the fans.

The fry – fryer was going off, screeching with a loud synchronized beep and a phone ring along with ice filling up a cup, and scrapes of grill. I hear scuffs from people walking and change dropping along with kids screaming in Play land.I could hear soda dispenser activating, door swinging open, noise from pressing buttons, and cash register opening and closing. I taste fries, the huge amount of salt and potato.

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The Dr. pepper had carbonation sugar and syrup. I taste the bland texture of bread, Letus, mayo and tomatoes.

I feel my elbows touching the cold hard plastic table. There was grease left over from the fries on my fingers and the perspiration on my cup in my palms.I smell chicken cooking, and fries being fried; that signature addicting smell of McDonalds.

My drink smells a little bit and the ketchup sitting on the table beside me. There are vibrant colors on the play land thing with kids running around. I see parent’s sitting at the tables keeping an eye on them. The tables have chairs connected on one side and loose on the other. I see fried food and mayo, ketchup, wrappers, keys, phone, a dollar and change. The employees are working hard in their black uniforms.

There are illuminated menus with bolded white lettering, the umbers are red and there’s a picture for almost every meal. There are people also enjoying their meals. I see trashcans and soda dispensers; the white counter was speckled with sauces and trash, which made my hands feel gross. The walls are beige with a dark burgundy color lining the top edge. I see many windows, it’s open and bright. I see fancy lights, shaped as a cone hanging over most tables. And white tiling on the walls and I can see ice cream dispensers and a grill.



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