Fate Vs. Free Will Antigone

Fate Vs. Free Will Antigone, the play, fuels the debate whether fate is stronger than one’s free will. Antigone’s fate was to die fghting for respect of her family. At first, Antigone’s fate was to live, but her free will let her to choose to disobey Creon’s law about burying her brother.

When she made the choice to go against Creon, her fate was to die. Towards the end of “Antigone,” Creon on changed his mind to kill Antigone but fate had already taken over and she died. Likewise, Creon’s fate was to give in to buryingPolynecies and let Antigone live. At first, Creon is persistent by the rule he set and must use his niece to set the example for others. The Chorus and Haemon try to convince him otherwise. However it is not until Teiresias explains Creon’s fate that he changes his mind.

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Creon knows the power of fate and decided to make up for his wrong doings. Throughout the play, the idea that fate is more powerful than free will is strongly emphasized by the character’s dessicions. Antigone accepts her fate and s not afraid of what is meant to happen.She knows what the fate of her family has led to and is still not afraid to do what she believes is right. Antigone knows that if she gets caught burying her brother, her fate is death. However, she does it anyways because she believes it is her duty to respect her family.

Moreover, Antigone knows she must die sometime eventually. She know she needs to try to honor her brother’s death because it was the will of the gods. Antigone also knows that if she dies for the ause of her brother, it will be an honorble death.Furthermore, Antigone shows she brings on her fate by free will.

Antigone is entangled in the of fate of everyone in the family of Oedipus. Her destiny seems more set and less her doing by a bad deccision, although she does brings it down on herself by rebelling against Creon. She could have chosen as her sister, Ismene did.

She had the free will to do so, but she exercises it to go against the king. Antigone was not afraid and was willing to accept her fate.

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