fears of being loved

Fears of Being Loved, Loved for Being Feared When one rules over a large group of people there is a great amount of responsibility such as: protecting your kingdom, being financially stable, and keeping the peace. But at what cost is this position worth. The question now becomes, ” Would I rather be loved or feared? “. it’s hruler. In Machiavelli’s “The Prince” he answers and explains this question with perfection. Machiavelli really feels that a ruler should be both but more of one than the other. He says that, “The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other,” (page.

4). He says this because the ruler should be able to be cruel to his people but also be able to live up to his words he granted the, “So a prince must not worry if he incurs reproach for his cruelty so long as he keeps his subjects united and loyal,” (page. 53). If the ruler is able live up to whatever he tells his people, being cruel won’t hurt him because they will see he isn’t lying to them and stays true to them. This way the people will love you also, in which now you are both loved and feared.Machiavelli makes a choice of which is better if you can’t be both, “It is far better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both,” (page.

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4). He says this for various reasons, since most likely a man will be the ruler; his characteristics help the situation of being feared in Machiavelli’s eyes, “One can make this generalization about men: they are ungrateful, fickle, liars, and deceivers, they shun danger and are greed for profit,” (page. 54). This runs into the fact that being scared of the ruler makes you more likely to treat him with respect.This works for him because they won’t hate him, “For being feared is quite compatible with an absence of hatred,” (page. 54). It also helps the people because the treatment of a man puts you n a good position with him, “While you treat them well, they are yours,” (page.

54). Being feared as a cruel ruler did wonders for Cesare Borgia as he was able to bring Romagna together and have complete authority and compliance in the town, “Cesare Borgia was accounted cruel; nevertheless, this cruelty of his reformed the Romagna, brought it unity, and restored order and obedience,” (page. 3). This makes it less likely for people to go against you and what you stand for, and because, they also are scared to withstand the consequences you have set fourth, “But fear is strengthed by dread of punishment is always effective,” (page. 54). Being a ruler means you have control over your own army and you should obviously want to install a cruel mentality into them, in such they are feared.This thought of you helps you increasingly with your army, “When a prince is campaigning with his soldiers and is in command of a large army then he need not worry about having a reputation for cruelty; because, without such a reputation, no army was ever kept united and disciplined,” (page.

55). Also he basically says that Hannibal wouldn’t have made it without their cruelty, “Among the admirable achievements of Hannibal was… He led a huge army, made up of countless different races, on foreign campaigns; there was never any dissension, either among the troops themselves or against their leader…

For this, his inhuman cruelty was wholly responsible…

If it had not been for his cruelty, his other qualities would not have been enough,” (page. 55). As a ruler you can easily be loved for being In Machiavelli’s view, he believes that being loved and not setting order leaves him open to his own disaster or breakdown, “Any prince who has come to depend entirely on promises and has taken no other precautions ensures his own ruin,” (page. 4). A ruler should never want to be to compassionate to where he is so loved, to where his people believe they can do anything and Just get away with it.That basically means he has no control and no having control as a ruler will lead you to disaster also. Rulers may enjoy being loved by his people, but those same people could end his rein.

Other men who he believes love him and are his friend will be the same one’s that come after his position. In the chapter Machiavelli says, “For love is secured by a good of gratitude which men, wretched creatures that they are, break when it is to heir advantage to do so,” (page. 54). When you’re loved, you have many things to look out for because it could easily be behind your back hatred.It is many fears of being loved. In present day, I believe that our government should absolutely not rule in fear.

People now will ignore fear and begin to have riots, protest, and many more horrible things. This will bring us back into days when cops and other authorities had to use violence; the only difference is they would be fghting entirely more people. The things our government do now already grind people’s gears, so, if they decide to start hreatening us that would Just make the situation worse in all aspects.The government not ruling in fear, and ruling how they rule now as in having a set of consequences but not over doing it is Just fine because it’s keeping more people cool than its upsetting people. For example, if the government came out and said if we don’t obey by paying more taxes they would punish us that would Just make people furious. They would then begin to go against the government and start the terrible things I mentioned.

Ruling in fear would also, break the government we have now nd have had for the longest down and turn it into a dictatorship.That would also, turn U. S. into a place that we now go against and are currently trying to change, for example Iraq. Some good may come out of the government ruling in fear, but it’s guaranteed that more bad will come out of it, and that’s the last thing our government needs at this time.

Fear was more of a useful thing in the past because people I feel the people didn’t have the same mindset as the people now have. Machiavelli had great points but all in all fear was more successful in past day and would not work in the present day.


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