Film Viewer Opinion

Films used to be a treat as a young child, whether I went to the drive-in or the movie theatre to see the film was not a question. It was a matter of treating myself to see a film that was just released.

. Because of this I was always with the same mindset, treating myself to a film for doing something worth a reward. Today choosing what type of film is dependent upon what type of mood I am in.

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For instance, if I am feeling down, I may decide that a comedy is a fantastic idea.Many times when choosing a movie, I tend to lean more toward a film that I have a genuine interests within. For example I enjoy making people laugh, therefore I enjoy a great comedy. Perhaps a film about a restaurant, because I am a chef food always interests me.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, so a horror flick is never a bad option, either. I often will go and see a movie alone, and enjoy the film in its entirety with no other friends to interrupt during the film.If I do go with a group of friends I try to distance myself a seat away from a person so that no one will interrupt the progression of the movie. Films are enjoyable for many reasons in opinion. I personally enjoy a movie in which I can relate somehow to, whether it is something I have experienced or have a genuine interest in learning more about. I typically seek movies that I can take away a positive experience whether it is an emotion or knowledge.Mostly when choosing to view a film, I want to be entertained with a new story line that I can follow clearly without acquiring to think about what is unfolding and trying to piece the film together. Watching a film many times allows us to escape from the reality we each experience.

On the contrary, aspects of films that I do not enjoy are movies that contain any type of science fiction, films that may not be relatable, and films that are not entertaining to my tastes in films.Many of my friends are science fiction fans, so I am often invited to attend these films, I have gone and tried to see the films and enjoy them, but it is just not as entertaining to me as it is to them. I am an individual, and I think many people have their own unique qualities, just as they each have opinion to what is entertaining in a film. With so many genres of film for many tastes, this is evident weekly with the release of many films. Films are great way to enjoy entertainment with a group of people and escape the stresses in our everyday lives.



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