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            Final ProjectDesign & Implementation of Health Care InitiativesDr. Sherry GoverDecember 17, 2017 Project Summary            The purpose of this proposal is to request funding for a study to support changing from online facilitated learning to online instructor led learning.  To reach students who are unable to attend traditional on-ground courses, a move has been made to offer courses on-line. These online courses allow students access to course information, homework assignments, quizzes/exams, and discussions designed to facilitate engagement with fellow classmates and instructors, but ultimately, the learning process has been left to the student.  This proposal suggests that students are receiving the information, but are not retaining the information that is necessary for their careers in their chosen professions.

Current Situation            The current situation of this problem is that students are lacking initiative and the drive for completion and the educational system today is partially responsible for this problem.  We have taken the fun out of learning and dismissed the importance of the student/instructor relationship.  The importance of engagement between the student and instructor was dismissed when we began teaching our student to learn the information in order to be able to pass a test over it, not to know it for real life practice and use.  This and much more has contributed to the many issues that we face in education every day.  If we do not address these issues properly and address them soon, our educational system will continue to decline.

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            The impact of the issues that face the educational world if not addressed will have a catastrophic effect not only on our children and the children of our children but on society as a whole for many years to come.  There are several approaches that are addressed and discussed in my proposal.  The improvement of the connection between the student and the instructor is not one that can be replace by a bracelet that tells us if a student is engaged in the learning process or not, this is something that can only be assessed by conversations between the student and the teacher.  So much of the evaluation of a teacher depends upon the scores students receive on tests instead of how they perform in real life scenarios.  This is the reason that teachers have begun to teach students so that they know the information for a test instead of teaching our students so that they know the information well enough to practice its use in real life.  Goals and Objectives            There are numerous goals that are involved with this project.  First and foremost, we need to restore the joy in learning.  Education is a life-long process and we need to restore the enthusiasm and make students look forward to the challenge that comes along with learning something new every day.

  We need to establish a connection with our students, making sure that they are engaged in the learning process.  Engaging our students in the learning process guarantees that they are actively listening.  Active listening plays an important part in the learning process and restoring the joy in learning.  When these goals are met it will improve the student/teach relationship because if students are interested in an area of study, they are automatically more engaged in the learning process.  This is itself will go far to improve the education process.

  It will also drastically improve retention in career schools and technical colleges.  Teaching the material to them as opposed to the student reading the material on their own, will allow many learners to build upon that material in further classes, as intended.            The objective of this project is not to completely eliminate problems in the teacher/student relationship, that is an impossible task, but it is possible to improve upon those relationships.  In order to accomplish this, we must improve on the student’s outlook regarding the learning process.  The switch in our online environment must be one that includes online instruction.  We will need to guide our online students the same as we do for those that are sitting in the classroom. Using the tried and true techniques that instructors apply in the classroom to an online classroom that help students to comprehend complex subjects and retain information long-term is key. There are many techniques that have gone by the way side that must be re-learned.

  There is a negativity that comes along with learning that will never be completely eliminated but we will concentrate on our goals and objectives and this project will improve the attitude towards the online educational process.  Our objectives can be measured by pre- and post-knowledge assessments, and retention rates comparison of both the test and control group. This will give us the needed information to propose the changes needed to our online education delivery system.Implementation Plan            In order to prepare for any proposal, the population of those being studied must be chosen.  For the purpose of this proposal, we will use students enrolled at a career college. A committee will need to be formed to establish criteria for the assessment of both the control group as well as the group the proposed techniques are being used on.  It is important that we have a comparison between the two groups.

  The committee must also develop guidelines and approaches to be used in the study group.  The online delivery should be identical to the on-ground delivery as far as content, however presentation would be virtual. Implementation Activities            To successfully implement the ideas in this study we will need to have control groups and study groups.  There should be one person designated at each performing facility that oversees the activities of both groups.  The facility leader may choose to have a control group leader and a study group leader that report directly to him or her on a regular basis.

  The facility leader will report to a control group leader and a study group leader at the main site on a weekly basis so that progress can be assessed.  By the time that we are ready to begin the proposed study our committees will have strict guidelines that must be followed in both the control group and the study group in order to ensure accuracy of our research.Timeline            Committees have been formed to develop plans of action to achieve our adjusted goal of proposal submission in 2018.

  In order to meet this goal committee outlines and timelines must be submitted to me no later than February 10th, 2018.  We will meet weekly to discuss the progress of each committee in meeting their individual committee goals.  A first draft of each committee portion is due to me by December 1st.

  They will all be combined and placed into the proper format for proposal submission by me, this will be done by December 14th.  Committees must make adjustments to their first draft and make any necessary additions by December 28th.  These adjustments will be made to the proposal in full by January 9th.  Final drafts are due to me no later than February 1st, 2018.

  These will be noted in the final proposal by February 5th, 2018.  We will meet regularly in January and February to discuss and last minute adjustments that need to be made.  Final submission for our proposal will be completed by me on February 10th, 2018. This timeline may require change depending upon when the next submission deadline is announced.Capability Statement/Qualification Statement            The mission of our organization is to fully understand and improve the learning environment of today’s youth. By working with students and teachers and enabling them to recognize, and excel toward their full potential without the pressure of standardized testing being the measure of student knowledge gained.  Our organization has been in the education industry for the last 10 years and are fully dedicated to developing a better future for education.

This organization is structured with experts in educational leadership paving our way to improve the educational environment. Education experience spans from elementary to post-secondary and includes both teachers and administrative experience.  Working hand in hand with those in charge of our organization strengthens our organization.                Ideas in our organization are not delivered from the top-down. Ideas are created during brainstorming sessions that include all levels of the organization.

We routinely collaborate with elementary, middle, and high schools in the surrounding area to help them develop a plan to achieve their goals.  These collaborations allow our organization to identify the needs of our area educators and their pupils. Our company houses many strengths that we feel make us educational industry leaders. These strengths include analytics, creativity, and a compassion for improving students’ lives. These qualifications and much more make our organization more than qualified to perform this study and provide valuable information to everyone in the education environment.  Budget NarrativeA. Salary –                                                     Total: $25,000.00 Program Director currently oversees the program and will spend 100% of their time hiring, supervising and training staff.

  Annual salary $25, 000.00Program Administrator will spend 100% of their time providing direct service to the participants of this study.  Annual salary $20,000.00  Site Coordinators is a part-time assistant which will provide assistance to the project sites.  This individual’s salary will vary upon their weekly hours  ($15/hr/10 hrs week x 12 x 5 sites) B.

  Consultation Expenses –                                       Total:  $3600.00The consultants will work directly with the site coordinators to evaluate data weekly and report it to the program administrator who will then compile data and present to the program director (300×12=$6000) D. Supplies/Materials           –                                              Total: $1000.

00          Materials and supplies needed by multiple sites in order to perform duties pertaining to the study E. Travel –                                                                            Total: $2,000.00Travel may be required for site coordinators, project director and project administrator.

 F. Site expenses –                                                     Total $3000.00 Site expenses including but not limited to telephone, fax machines, etc.Total: $63,600.00 Budget Breakdown     Project Budget Personnel Expenses   Angela Schneider, Project Director (fixed)   $25,000.00 Kayli Haak, Project Administrator (fixed)   $20,000.00 Site Coordinators ($15/hr/10 hrs week x 12 x 5 sites) (variable)   $9,000.

00           Subtotal of Personnel Expenses $54,000.00     Other Expenses   Consultation fees ($300 x 12)   $3600.00 Program Supplies/Materials   $1000.00 National Travel (variable)   $1000.00 Local Travel (variable)   $1000.00 Site Expenses ($250 x 12 weeks)(variable)   $3000.00           Subtotal of Other Expenses $9,600.

00     TOTAL EXPENSES $63,600.00     FUNDING SOURCES                The budget that I chose is a fixed budget.  After researching the budget types and the grant application requirements from the Spencer Foundation, the fixed budget fits those requirements best.  Although most of the amounts on the budget are set, there are a few that will remain variable, for example, travel expenses will remain variable as we do not know the extent of travel that will be required, especially if there is difficulty at site locations.

  Our site expenses will also be a variable, as the amount will change depending on patient flow. Consultation fees will also remain variable as the level of consults per week could vary.  Evaluation PlanThe goals of this evaluation are to assess and evaluate and implement the changes in the procedures that have been put into place prior to the beginning of the project.  By conducting this evaluation from the beginning and throughout the project we hope to limit the number of changes that will need to be made and the ripple effects that can come along with changes initiated in the middle of a project.  Changes cost time and they cost money, therefore by conducting this evaluation throughout the entire project process we hope to save time and money that can be used on other portions of this program.Evaluation Design & Measurements            The proposed project is for changes in the format of certain aspects of education, primarily the delivery of online instruction from a facilitator to instructor to increase student retention, engagement, and student understanding of materials presented.  Given the number of subjects involved in the implementation, the performance and the subjects of this program, we have elected to work with an empowerment evaluator.  This empowerment evaluator will be involved with the project throughout its duration.

  The initial portion of the evaluation will be an implementation study; it will focus on implantation of the program, beginning with the training necessary for both faculty and students.  This portion will assess the qualifications of the control group and the study group, the roles of the control group and study group leader and the role of the facility leaders in the process.  It is also important that the evaluator assess the guidelines set forth by the committees for both the control group and the study group to ensure accuracy of our research. The evaluator will also address the main challenges and adjustments made to the process, which all attribute to the success of the program.  The main focus of this portion of the evaluation will be to analyze and document crucial measurable outcomes over the grant period.  The evaluator will also work with important measures of engagement between the control and study group leaders and the subjects of this program.As one of our goals is to create an environment that increases student’s ability to absorb information learned online, it is necessary to establish a baseline by measuring knowledge gained, thus an initial pre-exam must be given to both the control and study groups for later comparison.

    A post assessment will be given at the close of the course to each group to measure the level of knowledge between an instructor versus facilitator in an online classroom delivery. The third portion of this evaluation will analyze cost.  This portion will document and evaluate how grant funds are expected to be spent and how they are actually be spent throughout this program.  Categories to be examine will include, but not be limited to, staff salary expense, and cost of equipment and training. Data Collected            Throughout this study both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected.  Data will be collected regarding student retention between the control group and the study group. Pre- and post-knowledge assessments will be used to assess knowledge of both groups to assess the performance of the project.

It is important to the project that the data gathered be valid and consistently gathered.Staffing and Management Plans            Staffing and management will continue with their normal daily routines while the evaluation takes place.  The main focus of this portion of the evaluation will be to analyze and document crucial measurable outcomes over the grant period.  The evaluator will also work with important measures of engagement between the control and study group leaders and the subjects of this program.

If the evaluator requires any assistance during this time staff and management will make themselves available to the evaluator.  Any additional information that may be needed by the evaluator will be provided by staff and/or management in a timely fashion.  Should the evaluator recommend making an immediate adjustment to a current procedure, staff and management will make certain that the change is implemented immediately. Management and staff will work with the evaluator in collaborative efforts to ensure that all areas of the project are being addressed correctly.Reporting Procedures            During and after completion of the final evaluations, the evaluator will report to the project coordinator with any areas of concern.  The program coordinator will them take recommendations to the committees and leaders of the program.

  They will implement the recommended changes and report back to the program coordinator when changes have been implemented.  After a predetermined length of time the effectiveness of the new procedures should be evaluated by an independent evaluator to assess whether the newly implemented approaches are more or less effective than the previous procedure.  As adjustments are made throughout this project, it is important that they are re-evaluated and assessed to make sure they are achieving the desired effect.  Conclusion            The funding of this project is a necessity for the future of online education.  A paradigm shift is necessary to ensure the viability of continued student success. While the flexibility component of an online component is one that students highly value in an online program, it is one that is not producing high student outcomes regarding the student’s ability to retain information in their long-term memory.

Retention rate for online courses is also significantly higher for online courses when compared to on-ground courses.                 



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