Corruption theory, the relations of the corruption-economic

Corruption is defined as abuse of public wealth for private interests by a particular class of people. It has several forms such as nepotism,secretly funding of political parties, close and endangered tie between political elites and business world, bribery in public sector etc. In the theory, the relations of the corruption-economic growth literature contain two opposing views. Although […]

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In view of the national development policy and programme situation in Zimbabwe CSOs have taken, and continue to take, various roles and use various strategies in order to influence national development programmes in the country. Some of the roles and strategies are as delineated below:-   (a)    Promotion of Good Governance Civil society organizations play a crucial role […]

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                Unit 19                                 Task 1 P5: Motherboard: The motherboard is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which is made for all of the components in a computer to connect to which has all of the routes […]

With to stabilise the European economies. The European

With the end of the Second Wold War, The need for stability and economic development post-1945 was immense, and with the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951, arguably sparked a chain of events that now became the European Union. The first step towards cooperation that was necessary to create a governing body to oversee […]

Security while SSL/TLS can be used between the

 Security problems with WAP  There are some security problems with WAP. The most important threat associated with WAP is the use of the WAP gateway. There are however also some security weaknesses in the WTLS protocol and some possible threats by using mobile devices. The most important security problems will now be discussed.  3.1 WAP gateway  WAP does […]

Some using of Ripple Ledger’s Technology for cross

  Some key advantages of Blockchain will impact the following areas Usually intermediary clearing firms are involved in processing of Interbank payments, which consists of complicating processes such as bookkeeping , transaction reconciliation, balance reconciliation and payment initiation etc. Processes are highly manual or papers based and have many steps, hence the transactions become costly and time taking. […]

Bay’ Middle East have prohibited both these contracts.

Bay’ al-Dayn Bay’ al-Dayn is still being debated by contemporary Shariah scholars. In the Middle East, most scholars have prohibited bay’ al-Dayn on the basis of an consensus among the scholars although there is no evidence in support. These scholars also rely on a Hadith where it is reported that the Prophet has prohibited bay’ al-kali’ bi-al-kali’. Others […]

The was conducted to investigate the interaction mechanism

The common herbivore, H. armigera, which has become resistant to traditional insecticides, feeds on more than 100 species of crops. The need is to look for more advanced insecticides with greater efficacy to get desired result. For the development and survival of cotton bollworm the SCP-2, a sterol carrier protein appears to be an absolutely necessary gene. It […]

Behind where value of an asset was

          Behind every big fortune lies a great crime: Balzac   Old Story   History of Capitalism is replete with euphoric booms followed by persistent recession initiated by free fall in economic activity hence boom and bust. World of Economics still saw it’s first modern fall from grace economic activity in 1637 – named […]

under The Land Administrator must give a

under the direction of the Land Administrator, and the assistance of a licensed auctioneer can be used to conduct the public auction. The chargee is also entitles to bid at the sale. If at the sale no bid is received at or above the reserve price, the land or lease that is being up for sale must be withdrawn […]

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