What denied from basic rights and services provided

What does it mean when the Israeli government announces that the Bedouin villages are unrecognizable? Unrecognized Bedouin village means that they are considered as illegal settlements, and as a result of their legal status, they are denied from basic rights and services provided by the country1. One recent incident happened in the village of Umm Al-Hiran in which […]

Based times and it is getting worse day

Based on the article, ‘What to watch out for in the ringgit’s rise’ from the star online news, the article stated that the US dollar ($) is starting to weaken; hence the Malaysian ringgit (MYR) is in a recovery stage, even though it is recovering in a slow and steady condition because of the headwinds which affect the […]

This basis of a simple rhyme, telling shareholders

This is one of the most dangerous dynamics to trouble afinancial institution. This paper is about the sales fraud infamy facingfinancial services firm Wells Fargo in the U.S. and the failure of its seniorleadership team to ban the scandal in spite of several years of repeatedwarnings.As early as 2010, Wells Fargo imposed extremely pushy andforceful sales goals on […]

Nrega Some Facts

Performance Audit Report No. XXXX11 of 2008 Ministry of PowerRural Development Performance Audit of Implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) 1 Introduction 1. 1 Overview of NREGA The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 (NREGA) guarantees 100 days of employment in a financial year to any rural household whose adult members are willing to do unskilled […]

What Should Be Done About Identity Theft?

Rafael Tirado CGS1060 What should Be Done about Identity Theft? At the age that I am now, identity theft is crucial for me; especially since I’m just starting to build my credit. There are many people out there that are trying to steal others identities because they may have ruin their own or theirs was ruin by another. […]

The Two Nation Theory till August 14, 1947.

              Thebook “Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence”written by Jaswant Singh, who was eliminated from  the membership of BJP as a punishment for writing book to correct theopinions of Indians about Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The history of Indian freedommovement during the twentieth century is explored in this book. It contains tenchapters and all chapters give rise to the […]

Every assets leads the participants into the situation

Every society, whether embryonic or modern,faces a number of problems to which reliable and workable solutions must beprovided. One of the challenges being faced by developing economies states which Nigeriabelongs, is the provision of better life to pensioners with the ultimate objective ofenhancing their wellbeingand reducing their level of poverty (Ahmed & Salisu, 2010). One of the waysof […]

B2B Ch 7-11

Question 1 1 points Save Which of the following is NOT a part of VRIO? a. Value b. Resources c. Imitability d. Organization Question 2 1 points Save Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for ____ percent of the number of firms worldwide. a. 50 b. 95 c. 12 d. 80 Question 3 1 points Save The most […]

Climate capital markets. Green bonds can be issued

Climate change is becoming an increasing threat to development and economic stability. The rising effects of natural disasters are being felt across various region in the world and the most vulnerable are being hit the hardest. Building a resilient global economy is both a challenge and an opportunity for sustainable development. The global agreement on climate change adopted […]

Ar Rahnu

What is Al Rahnu? Ar Rahnu-i is an Islamic pawn broking service that allows gold jewellery to be used as a surety against credit. The Bank will retain the gold as collateral and charge for safekeeping service. The gold will be valued at the prevailing market price and the loan amount is up to 70% of the current […]


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