INTRODUCTION diversified financial instruments in order to reduce

INTRODUCTIONWith an investable surplus in hand these days, there are a lot of investment avenues available in the financial market for an investor. He can invest in Bonds, Bank Deposits and Corporate Debentures where the risk is low but returns are low as well. He may invest in Stock market where with high risk he also gets proportionally […]

Communication and not a superhero.” People are more

Communication is something we use every day, sometimes without even realizing. The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill in today’s world with the way you communicate positively or negatively affecting your work and life relationships. Effective communicators stand out against decent communicators by getting their point across with their targeted audience or audiences and being able […]

Numerous Netherlands should have the same price as

Numerous entities are interested in being able to forecast the exchange rates. In order to diminish the risks and maximize returns an exchange rate forecast is needed in the decision making process. There are several methods of predicting exchange rates which is why is very difficult to generate a high-quality forecast. However, the four most common methods for […]

The negative effects on society but there are

The impact of corruption, or formally known with the definition the misuse of public office for private gain, it is relatively similar across countries. Generally, corruption thought to have negative effects on society but there are some other scholars which have shed light on the positive effect of corruption may have in economic development. These effects can be […]


Starbucks is one of the companies that had grown very rapidly. They ran their business not even for 50 years, but their size of the business is very big. The fact that made Starbucks to achieve great success is how they differentiate themselves with other businesses by creating comfortable environment and offering great experience to store. They have […]

What Caused the Great Depression?

The stock market crash, bank failures, and the buying of consumer goods on installment or margin, are just a few of the many causes of The Great Depression. During this time period the United States suffered greatly because of the depression. Many people were also not able to work or afford the things they used to be able […]


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