Business through its contribution to the world’s

Business in BrazilAs one of the BRIC countries, Brazil has an emerging economic market, which helps develop the country through its contribution to the world’s trade with its agricultural products as well as its natural resources. Brazil has a vast diversity of activities, and it varies according to the natural resources, geographic location, local needs, and tax incentives. […]

The flexible workplace increase, HRM must also adapt

  The quality and variety of the employee training provided by the human resource management are vital in motivating employee during change management. HRM training is a continuous activity undertaken by an organization’s leadership that requires constant adjustment. It is crucial that HRM move beyond the traditional administration of annual engagement surveys to embed engagement in HRM policies […]

Yachna be high. There are more factors to

Yachna Patel Marco-economics April 19, 2019 Market Systems The market system is a system in which the economic decision is decentralized with little of central planning other government involvement. Supply and demand are the aspects which controls the economy. The resources are owned by institutions and by private individuals. Individual performs upon their own self-interest. Within the market […]

It The experiences of immersing myself in

It has recently occurred to me that social service is not my cup of tea. Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading. In summer of 2016 I joined an organization called Change Vadodara Campaign(CVC) that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and violence through education in my hometown of Vadodara. Little did I know, just […]

The Capital resources in the form of

The economic growth is a process of changing a country’s economic conditions on a sustainable basis to a better state for a certain period,  Indonesian has highly essential the rate of economic growth and the largest economy in Southeast Asia,  it’s one of emerging market economies of the word meanwhile the country also  following members of G20 major […]

IMPACTS policy matters. No country can do

IMPACTS OF BREXIT On UK Nearly 45% of the British exports are depending on the EU. The largest market for UK’s exports is EU and it is also a source for EU’s imports. Excluding Germany and Sweden, UK has a positive balance of trade with all other countries of EU. After Brexit, trading with EU markets would be […]

Globalization and resources. 2. Political Globalization –

Globalization and Growth By: Soham Darji A process of elevated interaction and integration amidst the population, companies and bureaucracy of different nations is referred to as Globalization. It is a process driven by international trade and investment which has its effects on social as well as cultural aspects. Globalization is not a new experiment or a process. Globalization […]

The existing work contract abroad comprised 94.9 percent

The Philippine government have the eagerness of becoming our nation a progressive, well-develop, and a well-stimulated economy. One of their strategical way to attain these desires of the country is to send Filipino workers to migrate outside the country that was started way back 1417 under Spanish people, from the administration of the former president Ferdinand Marcos(1970-1972), after […]

INTRODUCTION diversified financial instruments in order to reduce

INTRODUCTIONWith an investable surplus in hand these days, there are a lot of investment avenues available in the financial market for an investor. He can invest in Bonds, Bank Deposits and Corporate Debentures where the risk is low but returns are low as well. He may invest in Stock market where with high risk he also gets proportionally […]

Communication and not a superhero.” People are more

Communication is something we use every day, sometimes without even realizing. The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill in today’s world with the way you communicate positively or negatively affecting your work and life relationships. Effective communicators stand out against decent communicators by getting their point across with their targeted audience or audiences and being able […]


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