FIRST added plant, keeping the new tissue


the work immersion begin. We are introduced to our assigned company which is
the City Agriculturist Office particularly in the nursery section. One of the
employees in the City Agriculturist Office introduced us to our workplace which
is the nursery, located nearby the City Agriculturist Office (CAO) or nearby
the old District Hall Building. We introduced ourselves to the City Municipal
Officer named Mr. Edgardo A. Haspe who is our employer. We also introduced
ourselves to the employees in the office as well as to the nursery caterers who
works in the nursery section.

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            On the first day of work, we we’re
introduced to the duties of the nursery caterers. The following are some of the
works of nursery caterers which are to maintain cleanliness inside the nursery,
watering the plants, get rid of insect pests, bagging of soil, and grafting of
plants (durian, lanzones and cacao plant). Grafting is an advanced technique
applied by botanists, farmers, gardeners, and hobbyists, grafting is use to add
living tissue from one plant to another. The advantage of grafting is to renew
vascular tissue, when the main plant joins with the vascular tissue of the
added plant, keeping the new tissue alive and growing. Way of asexual

we, the work immersion students is given the task to work in the nursery and
help the nursery caterers to make sure that the nursery maintained its
cleanliness all the time-free from insect pests, watering the plants, bagging
of soil and lastly we are expected to learn the actual grafting of plants
particularly cacao plant.

we are noted to come in the office as early as 8:00 A.M. in the morning. The
following attitudes or characters are being observe for the whole duration of
work immersion which are obedience, cooperation, self-discipline, being
initiave and shy-free type of person-feel free to ask questions etc. These   characters mentioned are believed to be
observed inside and outside the City Agriculturist Office.























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WI Teacher:


Reflective Journal #:





is an activity involving mental or
physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. In my second week
of work in City Agriculturist Office. I had observed that the people who works
in this institution, they are dedicated to their work as Technologist
Agriculturists and Technologist Technicians. They we’re really amazing because
they personally visit different areas of local farmers from different places.
Their work is to use their knowledge to help farmers run their businesses,
finding ways to handle the land of farmers. Moreover, some duties of work
Technologist Agriculturists and Technicians are as follows: provide information
and advice farmers on their business, help farmers to select crops based on
soil conditions, studying weed control, helping farmers pick the right
livestock, conduct laboratory tests and take field samples. Both Technologist
Agriculturist and Technician often specialize food, plant, soil and animal

addition, in my second week of working in the City Agriculturist Office. I was
more on being an observant. I silently observe their work in the office on how
they work on their assigned duties. And for me I have found out that whenever
they are not around in their field of expertise they focused their attention
more on doing paper works and pay attention with other matters like for example
cater the needs of local farmers who kindly request for seedlings of fruits
such as cacao plant, lanzones, and durian. In this institution I have learned
that you have to be dedicated to work doing the job well, be a good and helpful
agriculturist, good at management of work and good at communicating to people
to serve and cater them well.


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Reflective Journal #:





Our employer gave as the task to work
in the nursery, our work there is to help the nursery caterers to take good
care of the plants or fruit seedlings particularly cacao, durian and lanzones.
On these work I did what is required from me, what should be done every day is
part of the task given to me. Particularly my work is to sweep inside the
nursery, try to do grafting cacao plant, pulling of weeds.  I believe that no matter how simple or little
the job given to me is helpful to my development as a student to prepare myself
for employment if ever I will not proceed to college.  Moreover, I believe that the task given to me
and to us is to prepare us the real world of work without the mind set of
taking the work for granted or not taking it seriously. I believe that what I
did in the field of agriculture or in the nursery is helpful to me and to the industry
as well. The job given to us is for sure the basic works of the nursery

I believe the job required to me is done with all my heart and I’ve started to
love and get to use the routine everyday to get broom and swept dried leaves,
pulling of weeds, and kill mosquitoes around afraid to get dengue fever. With
these experiences I have learned to love more the nature which provides us our
food, water, clothes and of course our shelter. With the love, power and mercy
of God to all of as we are gifted these very precious and beautiful nature and
all we have to do is to do our part as consumers which is to take good care of
nature in this way we value and surely love the gifts of God. Indeed the work
of agriculturist is interesting and valuable which involves science, business
and a profession as well.


Grade& section:

Date Submitted:

WI Teacher:


Reflective Journal #:





            The fourth week of work immersion is full of mixed
emotions. For me finally the work is done but then I am somewhat sad but one
thing is for sure I will not forget this experience on my journey as a student.
In working in the City Agriculturist Office I’ve overcome my comfort zone which
is being shy, like for some instances, pushing each other who’s one is turn to
knock and open the door first, lame excuses. I’ve try to overcome my fear to
ask and just feel free to ask questions. So far, the work is not that a big
deal to handle but it is painful to sweep, redness is visible on the palm and
it’s sore.

In Agriculture there we’re many
problems with regards to insects and how to eradicate them totally. One thing
is for sure I would love to discover helpful insects on plants and in the
surroundings one thing I’ve learned is not all insects are pests on the plants.
This work immersion is wonderful and hopefully the lessons I’ve learned will
not vanish but instead I hope to treasure it in my life as a student and this
experience opened my thought to the world of work.

The experience in Agriculture teach me
to value every single piece of food I eat because it is not easy to plant, from
bagging the soil and planting a seed in it, fifty-fifty uncertain to sprout and
fully grow. Moreover, I have learned that work is worth living if the knowledge
learned is applied in the right way and able to help people. Share with them
the knowledge and spread help to all, work is useless and worthless if not
shared and taught to others. Over all, my work experience is a teaching lesson
experience I appreciate the dedication, work, hardships of all the
agriculturists to help the local farmers.

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