Firstly, the device is also very important.

Firstly, the limitation of VR Headset (Virtual Reality Headset) is the experienced system hardware has traditionally been high cost.
The screen resolution is large. With this limitation, you can’t see small details in the scene through the device, such as reading books in VR. When you focus on it, you can always see the so-called screen door effect.
The lack of input devices is a big deal. For the first time, VR users are always confused about their hands. The upcoming VR controller is also less intuitive.
The next annoying thing is the cable. Therefore, your head is always connected to your desktop computer. Walking with it makes people feel uncomfortable. And the scope of action is also limited
Device latency is still a problem. It has been significantly improved, but some people still feel sick, especially in some fast-moving scenes or seeing disgusting scenes. This makes people feel dizzy and vomiting.
The weight of the device is also part of the limitation. The lighter the device, the less you feel about it. The better you experience VR, the more realistic it is.
The shape of the device is also very important. The way to wear is simple and safe. It is difficult for people like Muslims to enjoy the real feelings brought by the equipment.

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