Firstly, devices to better cater to iStar’s needs.

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Last updated: June 1, 2019

Firstly, for the server Operating System(OS), I have decided to use the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

As compared to other operating systemssuch as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu 14.04, statistics have shown that amassive 84.46% of the desktop market share is dominated by Windows, which meansthat majority of the users are using the Windows Operating System. This meansthat the Windows Operating System will provide the greatest amount ofcompatibility with software and hardware that’s already out there, whichsolidified my decision on choosing the Windows OS. Secondly, for the office software suit, Ihave decided to use Office Professional 2016 by Microsoft, which is a veryuseful tool for small businesses. By using this, employees will have access toWord 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Outlook 2016 and many more. Also, as iStar has other office branchesoverseas (Malaysia & Indonesia), by using Office Professional 2016,employees can share their PowerPoint presentation over the web by sending alink or using the Office Presentation Service to deliver it. This way, employeescan connect with other employees or clients regardless of which country theyare located at.

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  Lastly, I plan to use the Norton SmallBusiness Protection software to protect the mobiles devices and laptops. TheNorton Small Business Protection is designed by Symantec, a well-known AmericanSoftware Company. Globally, small businesses have been thetarget of over one-third of all attacks. Due to a lack of adequate protectionand defense that large corporations have constructed, cybercriminals have beenseeing small businesses as an easy target.

For example, if the computer or networkhas been infected with malware, Hackers can use the company system toperpetrate other attacks on larger partner companies. Also, if the malware hasinfiltrated your company’s system, Hackers can freeze company data and demand alarge payment to release it (ransomware). This way, not only will the company losemoney, they will also lose the trust of their partners. With Norton Small Business Protection, wecan protect laptops from online threats and identity thief. Smartphones canalso be protected from loss and unwanted access to customer information. I chose Symantec as compared to companiessuch as OfficeScan because I can customize the protection with the combinationof employees and devices to better cater to iStar’s needs. Symantec also allowslost or stolen devices to be reported and locked in the middle of the night,employees being able to contact the certified technicians anytime, and beingable to address performance issues before the day begins. This has madeSymantec a highly efficient and a better suited choice for iStar.



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