Firstly, living rooms which have equipment such

Firstly, the hazards that may occur at the residential home that Jack is staying in could be hazard from equipment such as a hot kettle this is a lack of awareness, due to leaving a hot kettle unattended which John may accidentally knock over and scald himself. This therefore is an equipment hazard because Jack injures himself and instead of helping him to recover may add to his problems. Moreover, in care homes there are living rooms which have equipment such as tv etc. It is highly important that there are checks taken out on these items as plugs of TVs may overload which if staff or any of the elderly clients or visitors touch they may be elocuted which may cause bruises and burns to the client. Also, they plug may cause a fire which may mean there may be deaths or serious injuries therefore its so essentially important that safe practise is taken seriously in a care home; also, regular patience must be put in place to ensure that these issues do not occur. Equipment such as computers may cause strain the neck of staff if it is placed high up, they may experience headaches, and this may mean they aren’t able to focus correctly putting themselves at risk and clients as may not perform their job correctly. It is also important that there are no equipment blocking fire exits as the elderly’s mobility has decreased it will take them longer to evacuate and they may trip on these equipment’s such as bins, wheelchairs etc which may harm the client greatly as may harm self and get caught up in fire.
Secondly, his indoor physical environment may be affected by unsafe surfaces, there may be a water spillage on the ground which may lead to john falling which could be critical, this is a hazard as he may seriously damage himself e.g. fracture bones which would have a massive impact on his life and recovery from his accident; as he won’t be able to carry out simple tasks like before. Another indoor physical hazard may be that if there is a power outage and the water stop working Jack may not be able to use the bathroom this will cause infection and will also cause stress for the workers as they will have to clean it up quickly and contain the risk of infection. Due to
Due to john having a weakness down his left side, he will need to use a walking stick and will need constant care and attention as he is unable to perform simple tasks like using the bathroom which may cause a lot of stress for the workers as they have to be on constant standby to help Jack and also fit in time to look after other patients as well. Furthermore, an outdoor hazard may be that his family may be coming to visit him there may be traffic and perhaps not a lot of parking spaces this may cause the family stress and may not want

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