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Fishing Industry ReportThis report is about how sustainable the Canadian fishing industry is. Fishing is one of the many oldest industries situated in Canada. For many centuries people in Canada have been fishing for a living. According to the Canadian encyclopedia ” Production is distributed among the Pacific (BC and Yukon, 20%), Central (Prairie Provinces and Ontario, 5%) and Atlantic (Québec, Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland, 75%) regions.”For many years fish have been a valuable resource to canada and the fishing industry is a very important sector to Canada’s economy. Canada’s fishing industry first started in the 1500’s when ships from Spain, Britain, Portugal and France arrived to Canada .

They came to Canada every summer and harvested rich fishing grounds in Newfoundland due to the vast amount of fish being caught there. Later on they created permanent fishing villages. The fish that these fishers produced were salted, dried and exported to places like the United States and the West Indies. Back then this was one of the main economic base for settlement in the East Coast, Quebec and British Columbia.

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 The fishing industry is a very important sector to Canada’s economy. Since fish are  one of the most valuable  foods that are mainly exported it Canada it brings in alot of money to Canada’s economy. Due to most of Canadian fish being exported it helps the balance of trade in Canada or in other words the (net exports) which is the total amount of fish being exported subtracted by the number of fish being imported.The amount of exports need to more than the amount of imports to keep the economy of a country well. The Canadian government states that the number of fish being exported brings in six billion dollars to Canada’s economy. Since more of our fish is exported it means more jobs and expansion in the wealth of our country which helps our country as a whole make profit. Exporting also increases fishers profits because exports cost less than imports and the amount of fish that other countries buy are in huge amounts.

Many Canadians do not tend to eat Canadian fish many fishers give huge amounts of fish to other countries which brings in a lot of money into Canada. The fishing industry also provides more than 71,000 Canadians jobs and a living.  One method the fishing industry uses to exploit the natural resource is lobster and crab pots.It is an important method that fishers in the commercial industry uses to catch Canada’s number one valuable sea creature the lobster. Lobster and crab pots are many cagesthat are attached to each other that are usually made out of metals, woods and sometimes ropes.

These cages contain dead fish and are dropped down to the bottom of the ocean and are kept there for at least two to three days. The cage is very efficient and is only a one way in process which means once a sea creature enters the net they can not leave. When a lobster enters this cage and tries to catch its food but gets tricked falls to the bottom of the cage and can not get back up to the top. This is an easy way to catch fish and doesn’t really require a lot of work. Many lobster and crab pots can also biodegrade preventing them from being “ghost cages”.    Even though the method of  lobster and crab pots have many pros they also have many negative effects on the natural environment.



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