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Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge can be said to be an expression of love and desire with various forms of love manifesting themselves in the play. The author undertakes to represent this love using various techniques enshrined in the language, form, and dramatic techniques. This essay will illustrate how Miller represents this love with evidences from […]

John the only black man on the

John Steinbeck, the author of “Of Mice And Men”, is trying to say that the loneliness leads to depression and it is a major theme in the novel. Most of the characters are very lonely because they have no family. However, George and Lennie are the contradiction to this. George and Lennie’s bond towards each other is strong. […]

Empathy In this realistic fictional novel, To

Empathy is a force that can easily manipulate one’s mind positively or negatively. In this realistic fictional novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, the story takes place in Maycomb, Alabama around the 1930’s. Throughout this novel, many characters explore the lesson of empathy and how to treat others with this kind of values. Seen as […]

How to Save Your Teeth

Brush your teeth, I say! Here is a persuasive speech that I wrote for AP Language and Composition earlier this year. It’s about oral hygiene and has a humorous twang. A man with rotting, discolored teeth approached me on the streets of Boston yesterday. He approached me and ranted to me, for what seemed like hours, about “his […]

Of Mice and Men: the Rise and Fall of Crooks

In chapter 4 of mice and men, John Steinbeck first begins to really introduce the character known as Crooks. He is a stable buck who is treated poorly simply because of his race. Throughout Crooks’ time at the ranch, he is generally shunned from the other workers with the exception of Slim. This all changed however in chapter […]

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This article is about “How to use Start menu folder in Windows 10”. Start menu folder windows 10 have arrived on to pack additional apps into a smaller house. Windows ten on PCs has continually been consequenced. By mobile & the recently launched Creators Update is no diverse. This time over the newest update adds a very useful feature from the mobile phone: app folders. Since there’s not home screen […]

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The Eradication of Reconstruction in the South “…The slave went free; stood a brief moment in the sun; then moved back again toward slavery” (W.E.B. Dubois). After the Civil War ended in 1865, Reconstruction began. All slaves were finally freed because of the 13th amendment. Other amendments were passed such as: the 14th amendment which gave African Americans […]

Ken The lack of humor, sexual expression and

Ken Kesey is the author of thisbook and he got inspired to writethis book because he even felt as if the patients he would talk to were notactually insane, but it was the outside world that drove them to theirinsanity. What better way to get rid of someone by locking them up where peopleare scared to visit and […]

Sherrie Levine

Sherrie Levine From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sherrie Levine (born April 17, 1947 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States) is an American photographer and conceptual artist. Contents [hide] * 1 Education * 2 Style and career * 3 See also * 4 External links| [edit] Education Levine received her B. A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1969. […]

Assigning Art

Ash decides to allocate $4 million to fund the exhibit. Given the pieces available and the specific requirements from Ash and Celeste, formulate and solve a BIP model to maximize the number of pieces displayed in the exhibit without exceeding the budget. How many pieces are displayed? Which pieces are displayed? Decision Variable X1| 1| If “Perfection” of […]


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