For coherent and informative. Whilst in the

For the personal
reflective statement, I will be using Gibbs’ model of reflection as the
structural framework for the analysis of my teamworking. Gibbs’ reflective
model constitutes first outlining a description, then stating and discussing
our own personal feelings, an evaluation of the experience, an analysis of the situation,
a conclusion of alternative methods of completing the task and finally a
statement if the situation were to arise again, what would be done (Gibbs,

Task 1 during
the managing people at work seminars included a presentation which we had to
deliver on a management issue relating to conflict management/resolution on an
organisation of our own choices. Our group chose to perform the presentation upon
strikes performed by McDonalds’ workers in two restaurants caused by a pay
dispute. The issue links back to various theories I have outlined in this
report, specifically Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as the employees’ bottom level
of the pyramid (basic needs) was not satisfied. Then after outlining the
management issue, we then explained the issue, making sure to draw upon
relevant evidence and literature. We justified how it was a contemporary
management issue for both managers and organisations and how managers dealt
with the situation. During this task I felt that in the group, the members mostly
worked well together and the final presentation was coherent and informative. Whilst
in the process of researching social media governance in the workplace, I was
shocked to find out how some managers and corporate higher-ups of successful
companies, such as CNN have little to no transparency on the organisational
policies of social media governance within their company. I was also
disappointed to find out that many companies do not make their policies easily
accessible for lower-level employees to view. Before conducting my research, I
was expecting to find far more examples of companies being to draconian with
their attitudes towards social media posts, however during my research, I found
it to be to the contrary and that many companies are realising the importance
of online presence and as such in an effort to stimulate online discussion
about their organisations are loosening the amount of governance placed upon
the employees.

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The second task
during the managing people at work seminars we were tasked with preparing and
presenting our research into a manager’s response to an issue, we picked Warren
Buffets response to the issue of Berkshire Hathaway being synonymous with
himself and the difficulty of picking a suitable candidate for his replacement.
The purpose of this task was to build upon the knowledge and experience gained
from the first task. In this task, whilst researching different aspects of Buffets’
responses to the issue two of the group members’ research overlapped and this
caused conflict to occur within the group. If I were to repeat this same task I
would make sure that each of the areas of responsibility of the group members are
clearly defined as a preventative method against this type of conflict ensuing.

Overall, throughout
the research and writing of this report and conducting seminar tasks 1 and 2, I
have found many approaches which has greatly helped me as this now means that
if I encounter any similar situations as to the ones that I have researched I
will able to solve the problems in a more effective way. I have also analysed
which way of dealing with the issue of social media governance in the workplace
is the more effective method.

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