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Formany in the valley many are introduced to their addiction due to family whetherit is getting heroin for a loved one to starve off dope sickness or being givensome by them to try for the first time. For many of these family’s heroin has becomea form of inheritance. For them, it is equal to my dad teaching me to drive ormy mom teaching me to cook.

These are tasks taught to future generations sothat they will both be able to care for themselves and can teach to theincoming generations. In a way the introduction of heroin from the family, mayserve to handle emotion. For every addict they have their own individual storyof loss, heartache, disappointment, grieve, and for many heroin is how theylearned to move past these feelings. Thus, teaching and supplying this to familyis only pasting on this knowledge of how to cope with emotions.Shefound that heroin addiction among Hispanos is a result of a continuing ofdispossession, social division, and the existential craving for a release fromthese. This is seen in many ways throughout the ethnography from the history ofthe region, from land expropriation to losing family homes to addiction to theway addiction affects entire families in the region in a generational way. Iwill look at the way in which the dynamics of in generational blood relativeshave been both the cause of addiction and the provider of care for the illnesscaused by the addiction, suicide as a life form for those in the valley and howthe treatment of addiction is handled in the region.

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Forpeople living in metropolitan areas the site of homeless people either drugaddiction or mental illness is common. For many, there is a lack of apathy towardsdrug addicted people as it is a common notion that they cause this problem themselves,so they should be able to fix it themselves. Thus, instead of trying todetermine what the root cause of these people trying the drug in the firstplace, there are many general treatments to try and tackle the addiction. However,the anthropologist Angela Garcia try to examine the issue of heroin addictionin the Espanola Valley of the Hispanic community by looking at both thetreatment of addiction in the region as well as the causes of addiction.


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