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For this part of the report, I will be writing about what to do after an accident or incidents occurs, along with the procedures of reporting to the Health and Safety Executive. When an accident has happened, there are many procedures that should be followed, which are; calling a first aider/ ambulance to be taken to the hospital, reporting to either the Manager, Employer, or the Health and Safety Officer, recording the accident in the accident book, reporting with forms, and asking for an injury claim form (Only if you were injured in the accident).

When and accident was to happen, and someone get injured, anyone that is near should take quick actions to ensure that the person who is hurt is as safe as possible without hurting themselves as well. If the injury is minor, there should be a first aid kit which should have the right equipment to help the injured person, and then they should then be taken to a medic on the site to ensure that they injuries aren’t going to be fatal. If the injuries are major, an ambulance should be called quickly and the person should be taken to a hospital to be helped. After that, the part of the workplace that the accident happened should be quarantined off so ensure that no-one else will get hurt. The accident would then have to be reported in either and accident book (which every company and workplace should have), and a verbal report to a manager, employer or a health and safety officer as well if needed. When the accident has been reported, the person or people can then ask for an injury claim form to be able to get compensation for the injuries acquired.

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An incident it different than what to do when an accident has happened. With an incident, there are no injuries that require medical help, and therefore the person that was involved will not need to go to the hospital. The incident will need to be reported or recorded in the same ways as an accident in order to fix the problem and to stop the incident from becoming an accident in the near future.

The accident book works by the employee recording the accident or incident in detail, which would then be given to a higher authority. The higher authority would then decide what to do to ensure that what it causing the accident or incident it dealt with accordingly. The verbal reports are similar, but instead there is not a written report to support it. If the accident it something that is in the procedure to report to the Health and Safety Executive, the paperwork that has been done by the higher authorities in the workplace will be given to the HSE. 

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