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Prepared by : Tan “Formula One Cars Details” Formula A formula one car is a single-seat ,open cockpit, open – wheel racing car with substantial font and rear wings , and an engine positioned behind the driver , intended to be used in competition ar Formula One racing events . The regulations governing the cats are unique to the championships .

The Formula One regulations specify that cars must be constructed by racing team themselves , through the design and manufacture and outsourced Transmission Formula One cars use semi-automatic sequential gearboxes , with regulations starting that 7 forward gears and 1 reverse gear must be used , with rear-wheel drive . The gearbox is constructed of carbon titanium , As heat dissipation is a critical issue , and bolted onto the back of the engine.Full automatic gearboxes , and systems such as launch control and traction control , are illegal , to keep drive skill important in controlling the car History Formula One (the formula in the name refers to a set of rules to which all articipants and cars must comply and was originally and briefly known as Formula A) can trace its roots back to the earliest days of motor racing, and emerged from the buoyant European racing scene of the inter-war years.

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Plans for a Formula One drivers’ championship were discussed in the late 1930s but were shelved with the onset of World War Two. In 1946 the idea was rekindled and in that season the first races were held and the following year the decision was made to launch a drivers’ championship. It took until 950 for the details to be hammered out and in May 1950 the first world championship race was held at Silverstone – the first Fl race had taken place a month earlier in Pau.

Only seven of the twenty or so Formula One races that season counted towards the title but the championship was up and running. Even as more races were included in the championship, there were plenty of non-championship Formula One races. Non-championship races continued until 1983 when rising costs ruled them unprofitable. Formula 1 By aaron_legacy


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