France’s injured hundreds of people. On July 21,

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Last updated: May 14, 2019

France’s stance from the humanitarian perspective, involves regulating a series of coordinating actions in correspondence with the assistance provided to aid people fleeing the conflicts and fights, showing gratitude and hospitality to refugees as well as welcoming them. Furthermore, France succours victims of religious and ethnic violence and brutality. France had faced 3 lethal attacks by ISIS in June and July which killed and injured hundreds of people. On July 21, 2016, Parliament created a new law, extending the state of emergency to six months and spread wide police powers of search, seizure and detention.

On December 15, the state of emergency was renewed for the 5th time for another seven months, until July 2017.France acknowledges the humanitarian action as the initial interpretation of the solidarity with victims of disasters and conflicts. French’s humanitarian action is a part of the inclusive framework of development assistance in the largest sense.

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Over the years, France has this reaffirmed its commitment to represent the Paris Principles for Aid Effectiveness, taken into account the organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Fragile States Principle and relentlessly supported the efforts of the United Nations to make humanitarian aid more effective and better coordinate. The major dimension of French humanitarian aid is its commitment to the support of food security, supporting framework of the Global Partnership for Food Security as well as raising funds for international organizations and NGOs.Today’s challenges are more complicated than before such as the increase in the world populations which is estimated to reach 10 billion by the end of the 21st century, the drastic climatic change which lead to an increase in global warming that furthermore increases the risks of not only marine life but also human life due to many disasters it would lead such as floods, tsunamis, loss of food and agriculture, loss of shelter etc., the global gender inequality keeps on rising, the world’s economic and geopolitical landscape is changing, the pace of the technologies which is unprecedented, increase in the number of refugees and many more. France draws a national humanitarian strategy revolving around 3 focuses: meeting the needs of the population, make humanitarian action part of a comprehensive framework and to periodically reassess the relevance of the decision made through exchanges between state humanitarian policy officials and civil society representatives. Furthermore, France campaigns, respects and strives to ensure respect for international humanitarian law (IHL). It also continuously highlights the relevance of IHL and the urge to protect it from being directly or indirectly undermined. France also ensures that Guidelines on the Promotion of Compilation with IHL, which the EU adopted in 2005 are implemented.

The French president has expressed his strong concerns about the humanitarian crisis in many countries such as in Yemen and Kurdistan by allowing a humanitarian aid for these countries and helped Syria but providing over €1 billion for its aid. As well as the UN which is helping to reduce the humanitarian crisis such as the UN CERF which is one of the fastest and most effective ways to aid humanitarian response for people affected by natural disasters and armed conflict or by UNHCR which helps to support and protecting refugees and resolves their problems worldwide.Officials in the international humanitarian are well aware of all these challenges and they tried to adapt to them in the following ways: by anticipating the risks, make innovations, develop new partnerships, strengthen local capacities and resilience and expand the funding base and use it more effectively. However, there are solutions to this problem too which can be tackled down by opening safe routes to a sanctuary for refugees, world leaders need to save lives of people crossing borders, the government needs to combat all kinds of xenophobia and racial discrimination instead of blaming refugees and migrants for economic and social problems. Last but not least, all countries must investigate and prosecute trafficking gangs who abuse and take advantage of refugees and migrants.

All countries must work into putting people’s safety as their first most essential priority.


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