Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes Outline (Feminist Perspective) I. Roles in the Household a.

Evelyn was a housewive, whos job in the household was to make sure her husbands every need was taken care of. 1. Evelyns husband watched the game every evening after work, while Evelyn was to make herself not seen. b.

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“Feminist Theory states that women are not merely different from men but are less privileged. ” Pg 134 1. Evelyn was very shy and timid.

2. She treated herself, as if she was not worthy of anything. She constantly was eating candy bars and other forms of junk food. 3. Mrs.Threadgoode encouraged Evelyn to find a job and stop feeling sorry for herself.

c. Ruth in the household 1. Ruths main job in her household was to sit at home and be a submissive wife. 2. She was abused by her husband and had a black eye when Idgie went to visit her.

3. Ruth was ashamed, she felt it was ok for her husband to beat her. II. Women are supposed to carry themselves differently then men.

a. “The book states that women are actively oppressed by men. ” Pg 133 1. When Evelyn went to the Grocery store, a young boy knocked her, and didn’t apologize. 2. She confronted him but just took the verbal abuse. 3.

Evelyn displayed no self confidence. 4. Evelyn was sad that this young boy just treated her any kind of way and did not apologize. b. Idgie was known to drink and smoke and hang out in the bar.

1. Ruth tried to get her to change her ways, because that is not where women should be and Idgies mother was concerned. III. Lesbian Undertones a. At Idgies sisters wedding, Idgie refused to wear a dress, she rather wear pants. b. Idgie often appeared unkempt and would rather hang with the boys. 1.

She loved spending time with her brother Buddy when he was alive. c. She had no interest in men at all. d. Idgie and Ruth shared a bond like no other, which

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