From a society, how must we learn from

this investigation, I am resolving matters creators within the spectrum of
science fiction, continue to promote a sustainable platform for our future in
postmodern. Even though the authenticity is right before our eyes, people still
feel the need to be enclosed in a movie theatre to be more engaged. The
advantage of handheld devices alleviates how we can immerse ourselves in the
real, but still be surrounded by digitalisation. It has helped the world become
a knowledge economy; Where ideas are always broadcasted so we can learn,
consume and interpret. Science fiction strives to advocate individuality
through the means of mass communication, so everyone can reflect on moral and
ethical issue portrayed in a society, how must we learn from this what can we
do to preserve the future are some of the key issues sci- fi raises. As the contemporary
world advances so does the importance of filmmaking, and the roles to play in
encouraging a perfect utopia. With the rise of film industries booming, and
movies sharing their verdict of trends emerging to a mass, the impact of films
is greater than ever. These movies will not only teach us but newer generations
too, how they are learning tools in helping us shape the absolute truth. By
presenting this information, globally especially to those who have no access to
films, media or current trends we can share our knowledge of science fiction to
stress how important it is in our lives and in building a better tomorrow and

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