Gay his fifth paragraph in the “Model

Gay Williams thinks the general
issue is that the idea of euthanasia is “…gaining acceptance within our
society.” His specific issue with euthanasia is that he believes euthanasia is
taking a human’s life and is considered killing. The introduction is six sentences long and starts with Gay-Williams
telling what his impression of euthanasia is and ends with his idea of a human response
to it being ok to kill someone if they would be better off deadGay-Williams clearly states several
times that euthanasia is wrong and that he is against it.Gay Williams states his claim at the
end of his fifth paragraph in the “Model for the United States?” section that
he, “…wants to show that euthanasia is wrong,” and that, “It is inherently
wrong, but it is also wrong judged from the standpoints of self-interest and of
practical effects.” The author clearly states that he
believes that euthanasia is wrong. Right off the bat he emphasizes how wrong
euthanasia is by using strong verbiage such as “inherently” and  “dead” and “kill.”Gay-Williams flowed his
justifications in a very organized manner. He broke down each justification
into three parts: 1. The Argument from Nature- he justifies how euthanasia goes
against human nature of dying on your own 2. The Argument from Self-Interest- justifies
that if everyone else around the dying person is expecting them to die anyway, the person dying will give up easier 3.
The Argument from Practical Effects- explains that doctors and nurses goal is to
save lives and that by practicing euthanasia on patients goes against that goal. (P1) People are made to naturally heal
to survive
(P2) Acts of euthanasia go against healing for survival

(C) Therefore, euthanasia is morally wrong.The author’s
argument is meant to be deductive. His views on
euthanasia are unsound. In almost every
argument he states at least one or more false premises.The
inferential claim is that if the form of the practical
effect of the euthanasia act is wrong a physician should not want to be approved
to use this act because the goal of doctors and nurses is to save lives. The
availability of euthanasia may impact doctors to not care as much to save a patient’s
life in a death situation and will use euthanasia to ease the patient’s pain. Having the use of euthanasia
will result in deaths that could have been survivals. The factual claim is euthanasia
is intentionally killing a person and a way to an “easeful death.” 

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