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Generally soft and weak soils are rejected from road applications due to its low strength. Not only the road applications but also Construction sites need a good soil with sufficient properties for construction. While preparing lands such as play grounds and recreational area, soil type is considered as an important factor. This research was done on the primary concept of improving a weak soil which is a byproduct of water treatment plants. Here Fly Ash has been used as the additive material to find out the possibility of improving weak soil in to a usable soil type.
Since both materials which were used in research are industrial wastages, there are lots of problems to the authorities for disposal of these wastages or use them as a useful manner. When disposal of these by products also can dangerously affect on the environmental sensitive concenrs. If the waste Fly Ash and sludge could be used for civil engineering construction or ground improvement, then it is a cost effective method and an environmental friendly solution. According to the above results, strength characteristics of the sludge is very low and liquid limit is high. Therefore, soil cannot be used in refilling purpose without an improvement. Standard Proctor Compaction test was done on the different samples with changing fly ash content. So, results show that the maximum dry density was obtained when soil mixed with 30% of Fly Ash. But this is not a considerable improvement of Maximum Dry Density. This improvement is about 4.84%. Atterberg test was carried out for soil mixed with 30% of Fly Ash. According to the results, it shows some reduction of Liquid limit and Plasticity Index. Liquid Limit reduction is about 12.36% and Plasticity Index reduction is about 15.34%.

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