Genius and NGOs have proved to be a

Genius Hour is movement which allows
student to explore and inspire creativity in the lessons and provides students with a choice about what they learn
in a period of time in the school.

My genius hour topic is deforestation
and global warming. The research question I will be investigating is “Does deforestation
impact global warming”? My research question and topic addresses the debatable question
from unit as deforestation has a huge effect on global warming. In earth some of the sun’s infrared radiation is stuck
to warm the planet (greenhouse effect). The gases in the earth helps this
process and allows earth to maintain a comfortable temperature. When this
radiation is not trapped, the average temperature on Earth can drop to zero degrees.
As greenhouse gases should be in right amount and if these gases goes into the
atmosphere by human innovations, the greenhouse effect grows which causes the
rise in temperature. The output of carbon dioxide has risen and makes Earth’s
temperature to rise about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. (Samantha Jakuboski)

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People cut the trees for conservation
to get money. As trees have a huge role in
carbon cycle, through photosynthesis process, deforestation prevents this
process to accomplish. The amount of carbon dioxide increases which causes sun
radiation to reflect back to earth causing temperature to increase. The environmental
factor has most impact on this topic. It also wipes out biodiversity as worlds
plants and animals live in forests. The UN
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) program includes
cutting fewer trees and educational support into deforestation in 44 developing
countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, works to achieve 80 percent
reduction. Participation is one way countries do to reduce deforestation. (“Deforestation
and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming”).

The tropical deforestation is currently driven by
just four supplies: beef cattle, soybeans, palm oil, and wood products. To reduce tropical deforestation can lower global warming and dropping
emissions from fossil fuels can be a long-term solution for global
warming. Strong policies such as REDD is most suitable strategies for
reducing tropical deforestation. U.S. has used the Lacey Act to close the
market for illegally sourced wood. But the agreements between businesses and
NGOs have proved to be a promising method. (The Soy Moratorium in Brazil). (“Global
Warming Solutions: Stop Deforestation.” Union of Concerned Scientists,)
To reduce global warming emissions it can confirmed communities with the
resources they need and with the support, science-based
solutions can be developed. As well as other food companies such as Burger King
to end deforestation by 2030 but scientists think the company is not moving
that fast enough to stop its hamburgers from destroying rainforests and
the communities who depend on them. (Foundation, Thomson Reuters, and Chris
Arsenault.) Restaurant Brands International, one of the world’s largest
fast-food restaurant operators, has been criticized by activists for buying soy
and beef from newly deforested land in Brazil and other South American
countries. The company also promised to respect the land rights and to make
sure local people informed consent thinking the development of their land. (Foundation, Thomson Reuters,) Global warming has serious implications for our health, environment, and
economy, sea level rise speed is increasing. More droughts are occurring and so these effects pose
a threat to the entire Earth. (“Global Warming Science.” Union of
Concerned Scientists,)

To reduce global warming and its results reforestation is least activity
to do to prevent global warming. Forests facilitate a three-layered impact on our environment which
is to cool air through the evapotranspiration process; reduce the air
pollutants during photosynthesis and their leaves will help warming the planet
by absorbing sunlight. (Hannaford, Eric.
“Planting Trees Can Combat Global Warming). One of the easiest ways to reduce
global warming is reforestation but to plant them in the wrong part of the
world might not be the benefit of us. Tropical forests ordinary near the
Equator simply advantage our surroundings as due to the fact, they take in
carbon dioxide but the forests outside the tropical area may not have the sort
of effect on climate alternate. The farther the Equator is from the forests,
the greater they may be likely to trap warmness. Mitigating the effects of
tropical forests can actually facilitates us to stop global warming (Hannaford, Eric. “Planting Trees Can Combat
Global Warming).

Forests also
cool planet by absorbing carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. They cool planet
by evaporating water to planet and white clouds reflects to solar radiation. At
the same time trees can also have a warming effect when they are dark and
absorb a lot of sunlight causing increase of global warming. Tropical forests
are very beneficial to the climate because when they take the carbon, it helps
to cool the planet but planting trees in mid- and high-latitude locations could
result to a net warming of a few degrees. As in these regions more sunlight
absorption is allowed and helps to warm the planet. The BBC article, showed
that trees actually can help to reduce global warming as long as they are
planted in the right place (McIntire,
Jeff. “Planting Trees Helps Fight Global Warming) Carbon dioxide is released when
oil, coal, and other fossil fuels are burned for energy—which we use to power
our homes, cars, and smartphones. Using renewable energy, like solar panels and
less energy, reducing water waste is one of the solutions we can do.( July 17, 2017 Melissa Denchak). The EPA
estimates “if just one out of every 100 American homes were retrofitted with
water-efficient fixtures, about 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per
year would be saved—avoiding 80,000 tons of global warming
To offset the carbon we can produce by purchasing carbon offsets, which shows
clean power which we can add to the nation’s energy grid in place of power from
fossil fuels. (July 17, 2017 Melissa

factors is any factor which influences living organisms and can be abiotic or
biotic. Abiotic factors include ambient temperature, amount of sunlight, and
pH of the water soil in which organisms are living. Biotic factors includes
availability of food organisms and
the presence of conspecifics predators, and parasites. The main solution is
reforestation to prevent deforestation and global warming. But reforestation
has positive and also negative effects on Earth. Trees plays role on absorbing
the gases which fuel the global warming but also, adding trees allows
blocks the sun’s rays during the day and holds in heat at night. (“REFORESTATION: IMPACT ON CLIMATE.”) When soil is
transported and deposited in other areas releasing carbon into the air, makes
smaller amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere which shows that
the solution is completely related to environmental factors.

The solution
is also related with economical factor, because companies, NGOs, as well as
programs have key economy factors including, costs, management, taxes and
government policy. As reforestation, programs, plans needs management, policy
for sure it is related with economic factors too. To do the reforestation,
organization and programs need strong strategies, plans, policy and management
such as REDD program.

Finally, I
think mainly reforestation and saving energy, water is simple things that us
can do. One of things we can do is to inform people about deforestation and its
extreme effects on global warming. No trees… No humans is a correct expression,
if deforestation would increase in a high speed, soon earth’s temperature is
going to rise, which will be a huge problem for a living organism and it could
have be really late to prevent the global warming. Before it’s too late deforestation
should be decreased and we need to inform people and save energy or could be developed
science based solutions to prevent global warming. 

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