Genre that her consistent search for truth.

     Genre theory is used in the study of films in order to promote the classify a film. Genre depends on various factors such as story line, who the director is, what are the audience expectations of the film and so on. Most theories of film genre are borrowed from literary genre criticism. Some of the basic genres include fiction and documentary, from which subgenres have appeared, such as docufiction and docudrama. When you think of a western film we may expect to find gun fights, horses, Indians, cowboy and saloons.  As I look and analyze different movies I found that although many films have similarities in other aspects but they are very different.   In my opinion there are three main attributes to the movie The Color Purple. The personality of the main character Ms. Celie are her strength and endurance, the ability to love unconditionally even when she feels as if no one loved her or and she felt unloved in addition to that her consistent search for truth. Ever since she was a child, Celie experienced sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse well into her adulthood. However, even with these unfortunate chain of events, Celie still stays the loving, sweet and caring person who finds it very easy to love when she felt loved. Her ability to bounce back from all of her hardships is truly remarkable and a salute to every person who was or is going through a rough time in their life.      The Color Purple is a story that passes over forty years of Celie’s life. Celie is an African-American woman who lives in Rural Georgia and who overcomes a great deal of abuse and unfairness. After Celie’s abusive father sends her off to be married to Mister, a man that is just as vulgar and abusive as he is, her life seems to get worse than before. At this point Celie tries to find love, care and/or compassion anywhere she can. After years of years of oppression, depression and various amounts of abuse Celie continued to hold on to her dreams of reuniting with her sister and her children.      During the film (from the beginning of the film to the end) Celie writes letters to God as a cry out for help. She is lost in a whirl wind of circumstances from being forced into marriage, to having her children (she was had children by who she thought was her father), to losing her mother, losing her sister and s host of other misfortunes. The Color Purple is film that tells the life of a little black girl named Celie Harris who turns into an adult woman named Celie Harris-Johnson who has suffered from many misfortunes that African American women and or African Americans in general suffered from during the early through mid 1900s. These misfortunes include but are not limited to oppression, poverty, sexism, and racism. During the course of the movie as Celie grows into adult hood she comes across two women who helps her learn how to love herself and finds her self worth. And with these things amongst other things, this movie is classified as a Drama. More so an Historical Drama.      In the beginning for Celie she tends to be emotionally dead but is alive in the physical sense. She feels like she has such a terrible life that she is not stopping to smell the roses of life but that she is merely surviving. She had no sense of what the color purple meant until she came across Shug Avery who helped her along the way and helped her understand the color purple even though she was going through her own storm. It is said that the color purple symbolizes all of the good things that the world can offer and that the man above designed them all men and women to enjoy. At the beginning of the book, you could say that Celie has no sense of the color purple.       Most of the black men in this film play a very aggressive character and their primary role in the film is to dominate the women. Not only are they very violent and abusive they also tend to have a very nonchalant attitude towards the feelings of the women. In this film the men are not only abusive to the women, they tend to break the women down to the extent to make them feel worthless as they live in fear of the men. However, all of these things subside once these women start to love themselves more and more.      The most astonishing part of the movie is when Celie decides to leave Mister and becomes her own women and is able to be free and not live in fear any longer. Once she had done that the pieces of her life started coming back together. I feel as if this move has a few suspense parts in it as well which makes it more of a drama movie. I say that because at the end of the film Celie reunites with her sister after forty years and her children to which were taken from her the moment she gave birth. Not to mention Celie’s sister and children lived in Africa. So, for her to go through all of the trials and tribulations she suffered for over forty years and persevered in the end is a great accomplishment. 

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