Gladwell role an individual’s ambition plays in

Gladwell states that “people don’t rise from nothing” (pg. 19) and completely discounts the role an individual’s ambition plays in achieving success. When a student or an athlete possesses a strong desire for success, regardless of their age or birth date, it drives them to excel beyond the normal range…………. This ambition drove her to work hard and smart, stay focused, and never take…..(their)…..eye off of ….(their)…..ultimate goal. There are cases where someone does not have an opportunity unless they create their own by working above and beyond what most normal people, regardless of their date of birth. People can also be born with sheer talent,…….. a key factor responsible for success and lies with the group of athletes that achieve success without the benefit of accumulative advantages. There are cases of athletes who are born with a talent that supersedes the skill of others. There is a difference between skill and talent. Skill is something that requires training and experience to do well, unlike talent, which is the natural ability to compete with exceptional ability. Athletes who have natural Talent can find success regardless of where their birthday falls on a calendar………. A person’s family can have a large influence and a crucial impact on one’s success. While Gladwell acknowledges that heritage and culture plan a role in success or failure, but he doesn’t credit one’s parents, grandparents and siblings that can provide a fundamental elements in creating success. For example, if a parent has a strong desire to pass along their knowledge or skill in a particular sport, there are likely to start that process at a very early age which results in increased practice time developing the child’s skill. This parent might also supply additional training above and beyond what a typical could provide. A family could also have connections with coaches our teachers that allow for additional instruction. Siblings can also push individuals to a higher level of performance. For example, having an older brother who plays baseball with a younger sibling will be providing further exposure that can develop their skills. All this additional training and experience can develop a child head of the curb, regardless of their birth date.

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