Glaucus NudibranchGlaucus AtlanticusHabitatThe blue dragon nudibranch lives in

Glaucus NudibranchGlaucus AtlanticusHabitatThe blue dragon nudibranch lives in shallow, temperate, tropical water. They can be found through all the four oceans including the arctic.They can adapt easily thought any circumstances of water. This animal can be surrounded by the following creatures and non-living things. which can be be classified as abiotic. Which means that the are not living.these things can be rocks, water, sunlight, sand, shells. And the biotic organisms (living organisms) are sea lion, fishes, plankton, brittle star, and krill.CommunityThe animals in a Nudibranchs community is made up of many vastly different sea species, some of the animals include, the Portuguese Man O’ War, a carnivore, the Sea Lion, a carnivore, the Chilean Hake, a carnivore, Common Dolphins, carnivores, and Krill, herbivores. Plant in the Nudibranchs habitat include Sea Anemone, Plankton, Seaweed, and Algae. The decomposers of the habitat are partially made up of, but not limited to, Brittle Stars and other types of sea slugs. The organisms listed here are just a few of the many unique, and equally amazing species in a Nudibranchs ecosystem.NicheThe blue dragon nudibranch haves the role.of a carnivore. Which means that it will only consumes meat. Along with this their is over 2,000 known species. And if the blue dragon nudibranch was to disappear from its community then there would be no poison out in the open. Because the nudibranch can release a toxic poison that can harm other organisms in this case fishes. Along with the disappearance of this animal the overpopulation of these following creatures will increase rapidly the janthina, velella, and physalia.Limiting Factor.A limiting factor is a resource environment condition that limit the growth, abundance, or distribution of an organism or a population of organism in an ecosystem. A limiting factor can also cause competition between individuals of a species populations. In this case the limiting factor to the nudibranch that is biotic will have to be the over gaze food. Which can lead to the destruction of their habitat and the reduction of their absolute population size. Along with the disappearance of others. While the abiotic factor will have to be due to weakening caused by an extreme output on their eggs are simultaneous hermaphrodites which gives them the ability to mate with any members of their species.They derive their colorings from the food they eat, which helps camouflage them, some are even able to retain the foul-tasting poison of their prey and secrete them as a line of defense against predators(insert link later). These adaptations are crucial to the survival of the Nudibranch as they are a small species and do not have the body mass needed to defend themselves through force.Succession & ThreatsBased on the research that you have collected about your chosen species, select a community threat from the list (or propose one of your ow). Explain the threat, how it affects the habitat for your species, and what can be done to restore or remediate the disaster.-        Habitat alteration: Forest fire, mudslide, avalanche, flooding, tornado/hurricane, etc…-        Human impact: Poaching/hunting, deforestation, pollution (air, water, soil), urbanization-        Diseases- Invasive speciesConservation Status & InformationResearch the current conservation status of your species. Depending on the status, explain actions that should be considered for protecting the species or preserving endangered or threatened habitats. If the species is not threatened or endangered, discuss population control mechanisms used by wildlife management personnel. Works CitedInclude a complete and PROPERLY FORMATTED list of references used for all research. Plagiarism and copy/pasting work from other sources will not be tolerated. Online works cited and reference generators are allowed. Use APA format for the works cited, and include in-text references.

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